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Christian Fiction Booster: Dee Stewart

The Christian fiction market’s superstar, Dee Stewart, was always abreast of the new ways to market books. She was one of my first “friends” on Myspace (yes, that long ago). Over the years we would virtually meet on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Uterrli, Blogtalkradio, Talkshoe, Youtube, Pinterest, Digg and any new social media. We were both […]

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What is PR Worth in 2012?

How much will you pay for a national publicity hit on TV or in a print publication? What is it worth to you?  How much would you pay a publicist to deliver your “wish list” of media hits? What’s your media “bounty?” Well, an established brand looking to “rebrand” listed their feature story wish-list for […]

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Why I Hate Book Signings

Now I love books. I love bookstores. But what is the worst thing to watch is an unknown author trying to hold a “book signing.” Painful. People who walk pass you in the bookstore are thinking this: “I don’t know you. You are staring at me to buy your book. And I am supposed to […]

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5 Mistakes Authors Make When Promoting

This is a lesson in how not to promote a book and hopefully this will save you the heartache. This is a real email I got yesterday: “Wow, oh wow, my new book, BOOK TITLE CHANGED,  is now available as a book, and also as an e-book. Please click the link and check it.  Here’s […]

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5 Tips on How to Select and Treat a Keynote Speaker

When organizing an event, whom you select as the guest speaker and presenter sets the tone of the entire affair.  When you invite a guest speaker, you probably took time to see if they were the perfect fit for your organization based on their area of expertise, credibility in the industry, visibility in the community […]

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Synergy Energy, the formula for Business Success

Despite the economy, many people are pursuing their dreams and succeeding by playing with a new set of rules. In what looks like a scene from an old science fiction movie, many people appear to have stopped dead in their tracks when it comes to moving their business forward, paralyzed by fear and unable to […]

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Simple Steps to Promote Your Web Presence

Many people make the mistake of viewing a website merely as an online promotional brochure. They make it look pretty but it doesn’t get traffic. In fact, it’s all about the “SEARCH” – your website must be search engine friendly. SEO is the name of the game today. It must be Search Engine Optimized!  And […]

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