Key to Marketing Your Book – Creativity

I’m asked all the time by aspiring authors: “How do you create a best seller?” The first thing that comes out of my mouth is CREATIVE PASSION. You have to be sold on your book idea and be relentless. You have to sleep, eat and drink book marketing materials. You have to be creative – […]

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5 Steps to Grow Your Platform

I am always telling my clients that they must have a platform in order to “brand like a superstar.” It’s just the reality of the digital world we live in today. Here’s an article that explains what I mean in detail. If the thought of “building your fan base” or “growing your audience” overwhelms you, […]

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2 Pam Perry Speaks

How to Get Paid to Share Your Message to the Masses

Want to change peoples’ lives with your message and have a lot of fun doing it?  If so, you’re invited to a free telephone seminar  Thursday (Oct 29th) in which six successful speakers will teach you how to get started in this lucrative field. You’ll discover lots of great strategies on this free 90-minute […]

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pam perry pr

Sell more books – a lot more books

Want to sell more books … a lot more books? Want to reach a lot more people without spending a fortune on marketing? If so, join Steve Harrison this coming Thursday for a free teleseminar on “How to Take the Express Lane to Selling More Books – A Lot More Books – Even If You […]

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Why You May Need A PR Coach

No one has all the answers. If you want to go to the next level, rebrand yourself, get the publicity you know you deserve – you need a PR coach.  A PR coach helps leverage your brand, connect you with key industry connections, make referrals on your behalf, pitch you to media and help you […]

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social media is for everyone

The State of Social Media (powerpoint)

Social media is not just a fad. You have to get with it and stay with it. It’s an evolving media – and it’s all about search. See this powerpoint by Simply Measured and you better learn today! We can help. The State of Social in 2015: 10 Facts You Need to Know from Simply […]

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evangelistic networking with Pam Perry

How to Network with Your Target Audience

Social networking. It’s really just networking on steroids. As an author or speaker, you need people to notice you, to care about what you offer and to buy what you sell. Networking – online or off is never easy. Here is an article I found that really explains how to create a “tribe” or community […]

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