🎙️ Pam Perry PR Unscripted: Raw and Real on the Radio LIVE - Pam Perry PR

🎙️ Pam Perry PR Unscripted: Raw and Real on the Radio LIVE

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If there is one thing I know – it’s how to get known. Listen to this podcast as I’m interviewed while driving down the interstate. I share raw and real PR tips. The show is called Interstate LIVE out of Atlanta with Alana Sanders. 

Interstate Live Radio, takes you back to those days when cruising down the Interstate or Hwy and just relaxing while blasting your music was the life. Hits from the ’70s to the late ’90s and introducing new artists on the scene. Get Ready to be informed discussing relevant topics and interviews with the Who’s Who in the industry. Entrepreneurship, Business, Social Media, Health, Politics with a little bit of reality. Stay Woke and get ready to be entertained.

Here are some tips I share on the show:

Tip #1: Write and Pitch Press Releases.

Have you been creating press releases? If not, why? They haven’t gone out of fashion—particularly if you are guesting or want to guest on online or offline radio shows; or you are planning to run a local event. (If there’s an angle that benefits the community, your local newspaper will be interested.)

Just be sure to read and follow the guidelines of each organization you send them to (or—better yet—have your assistant to do that while you get back to coaching!)

Tip #2: Tell People You’re Available.

Make yourself visibly available for interviews.  It’s not enough to be available for interviews: You also need to assertively let people know you are.

Put it on your website. Have a separate section with archives of your interviews. Use calls to action at the end of emails and in sidebars.

CLICK BELOW to the show and hear how I got started, what drives me and what people need to be doing today to

get more exposure and visibility and what you can expect your publicist can do for you.


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