📹 Speakers Magazine Cover Girl Becky A. Davis Garners National Publicity [Video]

becky a. davis

This was exciting. Not only was Becky A. Davis featured on the cover of Speakers Magazine but she was interviewed by Black Speakers Network feature writer, Cier Black and Brian Olds, founder of Black Speakers Network – but she was picked by a producer of FoxSoul.TV to tell her story!

becky a. davis on foxsoul.tv

We also do additional PR for our cover stories and she was featured on BlackNews.com.  What a great way to end the year – and she has a virtual BeliefBoardParty.com on December 29. She said she lives by her “belief board” because “belief” is better than vision. Having a vision is good – but have belief about the vision is better.  She’s a living witness.

Read the story by Cier Black; watch the interview and be inspired about what YOU can do if you just believe and take action like Becky A. Davis did.

In case you haven’t noticed, The Speakers Magazine Brand is more than just a magazine. It is a way to promote, position, publicize and pitch Speakers. We’re also a community to get speakers ready to brand like a superstar! 

Our cover stories are our clients and we do publicity for them to get out there and get known in media places and on superstar stages. If you want to be featured in 2021, visit: www.SpeakersMagazine.net and contact us.

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