Episode 86: 10 Best Practices for Accelerating Your Author/Speaker Brand

If you’re an author or speaker trying to launch a book, get a book deal, or snag a literary agent’s attention, then this whole episode is for you.

I’ll get you started on each of The Big 5 social media platforms, show you where and how to connect with media pros online, and highlight apps that make it easy to post consistently, because social media is essential to your success.

You need the power of social media to collect social proof, grow a community, and connect with publishing and media pros. You’ll love how you can contact them directly — no more gatekeepers keeping you outside the gate.

I’ve been in PR since the days of fax machines and corded telephones, when having a beeper on your hip was a big deal🤣. I promise you, the way of today is much better!

So, listen in and learn: Your 3-part A.C.T. formula for social media success, the ways PR 2.0 is better than PR 1.0, how being Google-licious saves you money, how social proof makes you money, affordable timesaving tools for posting to social media, where journalists and media pros hang out online … and more!

"To build up a robust platform for your book launch, you want to give it at least 9 months, as if you’re having a baby — 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters.” – Dr. Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • PR 1.0 vs PR 2.0
  • Pop Quiz! Who are The Big 5 in social media? 🤔
  • Why you need to be “Google-licious” and how it saves money
  • What social proof is and how it makes money
  • How to A.C.T. — Your 3-part formula for social media success
  • FAQ: How long does it take to launch a new book?
  • What all this social media stuff is for
  • Facebook Tip: You only need ONE Facebook Page, and here’s why…
  • Why I love LinkedIn and Twitter most
  • Twitter Tip: How to post tweets with zero extra effort
  • Where journalists and media pros hang out online
  • YouTube Tip: Why you need a channel, even if it has only 1 video
  • Time-saving tools for social media posting
  • The smart way to find your readers online
  • So, what about the offline world?


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