101 Ways to Market online: Internet Marketing How to Brand Properly

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1. Sell on Ebay & Amazon.com (or be an affiliate)

2. Create an amazing bio for your “about me” pages

3. Get your site listed in all the search engines

4. Use pay per click on Google and yahoo.

5. Post comments to blogs and other social media sites i.e. youtube,  other online forums

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6. Write your own comments and posts on message boards and forums

7. Create your own Ning. (www.ning.com)

8. Use twitter.com to broadcast your blog

9. Write a Blog about your business and have a CTO!

10. Post comments to other people’s blogs. (Creates back links which is good for SEO)

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11. Write articles and post them in article directories. (See http://ezinearticles.com/?expert_bio=Pam_Perry)

12. Write a newsletter & email it regular (host on www.issuu.com)

13. Listen and comment on blogtalk radio show (podcasts)

14. Attend online networking events (webcast and teleseminars)

15. Write lenses at squidoo.com

16. Host an online party for your book or new product.

17. Register multiple domain names for your site to increase visibility.

18. Create a wiki. (like a  community blog such as BeBlogalicious.com)

19. Create a RSS feed with your articles. [I love Google Reader]

20. Create a podcast. Use Audioacrobat, blogtalk radio to start.

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21. Write an eBook.  Use Createspace

22. List your blogs and site in online directories

23. Develop a poll and ask for people’s opinions on your blog. This is a feature in blogger.com

24. Create free special report put your ad for your services or products at the end.

25. Offer a free ecourse. Use Aweber.

26. Visit Amazon.com and write reviews of product & books.

27. Make lists of books on Amazon.com and include information about you (wish list widget)

28. Create another information based website with a lead capture page.

29. Create a good author resource box for online article directories. Put in links!

30. Visit personal websites and leave your comments in guest books. (See www.kimontheweb.com)


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31. Create a teleseminar series and have guests.

32. Create a really good “sales letter.”

33. Post comments to news stories online. (www.cnn.com and huffingtonreport.com)

34. Run ads online. See Craigslist.com

35. Join yahoo groups and contribute. Search for good ones. (TheWritersView is good)


36. Join Google + and put folks in circles.

37. Create a some Pinterest boards. (See www.pinterest.com/pamperrypr)

38. Post to FB groups.  Create FB groups.

39. Create a yahoo profile & upload Yahoo videos.

40. Create a mybloglog.com  and add to your blog page. (Cool tool!) Keeps track of your blogs you follow and who follows you.

41. Review products online from sites such as epionions.com. Post reviews on your blog.

42. Offer your products for free in exchange for an online review.

43. Have a contest during a blog tour.

44. Sponsor a contest on another site or blog.


45. Have a free drawing. Promote via email (‘eblast’). Get people to opt-in to do it!

46. Promote your free drawing in “free stuff” directories.

47. Find directories for your local area and list your website in them.

48. Join Linkedin and participate with groups.

49. Join social book marking sites and add in your sites. (Delicious.com, Digg.com)

50. Submit online press releases to PR distribution services (PRWeb.com & BlackPR.com and tons of free ones!)

51. Find out if your town has a Wikipedia site and link to your business from it.

52. Find Nings for groups of which you are a member or alumni and add your link.

53. Get your link listed in the online version of alumni magazines for your university.

54. List your blog in all of the blog directories & RSS Feed on your Nings.


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55. Create an author/speaker profile on a site like BlackSpeakers.com or Womens Speakers Associations site.

56. Trade links with similar non-competing sites.

57. Offer to trade products for advertising with other business owners.

58. Do Ezine advertising.

59. Write articles for Ezines.

60. Write as a guest writer for other blogs.

61. Create a FAQ page about a popular topic and post it.

62. Join other networking sites such as FriendFeed.com.

63. Join groups in Facebook and like others fan pages.

64. Put a facebook ad up about your group / fan page.


(All the rest of the idea in next post) Stay tuned!

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  • Your list is exciting, I will print it out and thoroughly examine. Might be something entirely new in it and effective as well!

    Thank you so much!

  • Agnes says:

    WOW! I cannot believe all this has happened since I took a retreat from the industry. OMG! God bless you, Pam, for waiting for me to return because YOU knew I’d be chasing you down about this social media stuff. I’m looking at the list with my mouth dropped open….. I’ll need another two years just to figure all this out, but I am enjoying BSU!!

    See you next week, Professor… ugh! Thank you (sigh:))!

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