2013 Launch Your Dreams [Video]

I have made up my mind in 2013 not to waste time with folks who are not serious about their dreams.

no excuse

  • That means if you want to write a book. Write it. Quit wishing. Just do it.
  • That means if you want to speak. Start speaking. Quit waiting to be asked, create your own event.
  • That means if you want to start a business or make a video or sing a song – research your options on HOW to do it, get a plan together (with a budget) & get it done.

It amazes me how many people are just stuck. They don’t move forward because they are not willing to do three things:

  1. Take to time to learn the industry – really research.
  2. Set aside the money for the project.
  3. Follow through on advice, instructions and recommendations from professionals.

What’s really sad is that most of the people who are not following their dreams and not making them come true are Christians. Yes, I said it. Those who “believe” God – but not disciplined enough to take the time to do the work.

Faith without works is DEAD. Bible all day, every day.

So how could you want to “get your message” out to the masses, yet not know anything about marketing today.  You should have a library of ministry marketing materials.

But, if you don’t want to learn about it, that means you have to pay someone to do for you.

And that takes a budget.

Just because “God told you to get the message out” or start the business doesn’t mean that the professionals (lawyers, graphics people, web designers, marketing consultants, etc.) are supposed to help you get it off the ground and get it going for FREE. That’s foolish thinking.

Either there is an investment of TIME to learn to do it yourself – or investment in money to pay someone else to do it for you.

Pretty basic.

I will not spend full-time energy on someone else’s “part-time” dream.

If you are serious about what you want to do, you will sacrifice some time, money and energy to make it come to pass. Speaking with one of my mentors about what I’ve been seeing lately, she said, “Pam, folks are just lazy. They just want it to fall out of the sky. Especially Christians.”

Wow. Really?

Is that true? Are Christians not diligent with the vision God gave them? That is missing the mark, right?


I know we are dedicated to our business. I personally work on my business by learning my craft and keeping current on new technologies, resources, systems and procedures. God’s best is my goal.

And we deliver that to clients who want the same thing.

When you’re serious these are the things you do:

  1. You buy books (lots of them) and read them – and apply the information.
  2. You spend time doing your homework, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, doing research.
  3. You spend money and go to webinars and subscribe to trade journals/magazines.
  4. You go to conferences and apply what you learn after you leave.
  5. You know your industry and participate in industry events and trade shows.
  6. You network on a regular basis with those who are part of the industry either by posting comments on their blogs, going to meetings, meetups or interviewing them.
  7. You get certified or get a degree in the field. At least take some courses.
  8. You enter contests – to see how you “stack up” to others in the field and to see what else you need to learn to improve your skill set.
  9. You take time to write a blog, create content – and build a community around your passion.
  10. You learn technology, not because you are “geeky” but because you know this is the tool to go to the next level – and be on the cutting edge.

make it happen

Amazing to me how people will waste your time on a dream they never really took seriously themselves.

In 2013, favor will follow those serious about their dreams.

P.S.  Need help getting a handle on it all? Feel free to contact us via email at support (at)  pamperrypr.com or by clicking  here.  We are here to help build your dreams.  What are you planning in 2013?

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  • Karen Green says:

    I wrote a book over 5 years ago. I have been homeless, without a dime to my name. I went back to school to get my degree (which took me 6 years due to life circumstances beyond my control) and now I’m studying for my Masters. I have sacrificed time, money,and some friendship because of the drive and desire in me to fulfill my God-given purpose. I have spent money on my book (trying to get it out there) over buy food, clothes, shoe, etc. I have lost apartments, cars, and good credit, but I still refuse to let go of what I know I’m called to do. So after you’ve done all of the above and then some what do you do? You keep praying, trying, and pushing forward. However, ever now and then you just hope and pray that God will send someone who sees your passion and potential…and decide to reach back to just give a hand up (not a hand out). So to all those that are giving it all you’ve got…”Be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded” (2 Ch 15:7).

    • Pam Perry says:

      Wow. Thank you Karen for your candid comment! All I can say is never give up on your dream – but sometimes you have switch focus. My friend, author Eric Thomas, a Detroiter, was homeless for 2 1/2 years…and now, well now he is a success. What it takes for you may be different for what it took for him. Listen to his info here: http://soundcloud.com/etthehiphoppreacher

      One breakthrough I personally had – I sowed. I sowed into my mentors – and they sowed into me. I never expected a handout or waited for someone to be “sent to me” … I went out and helped others. I helped them with their dreams. I did professional services for free – in exchange to learn something from someone higher.

      That was years ago – but the mindset stuck. I always look to give before I receive and consequently the pipeline is always filled – and blessings come.

      God’s got you. If you don’t have money, use your time wisely. Learn to help others and share your message as you go with a digital foot print.

      Start with a blog and work it. Share your book via a podcast and do a video.
      Give the book away for free – until someone “notices” how good the content is…that’s how you do it.

      (If it needs to change to get better response, buck up, and change it. If the cover is whack, buck and change it.) Certain things you know to do – just do it – if you want to go to the next level.

      Is it easy. No. Is it worth it? That’s up to you to decide. How bad to you want it?
      The pain is temporary. Keep the faith. Do the work. Get a mentor – even if it a mentor from “afar.” http://themotivationroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Pain-is-Temporary.jpg

      That was Seth Godin, Eric Thomas did and many others, including myself.

      Read everything on my blog (that’s free) and apply the principles – it will help you. God bless.

    • Pam Perry says:

      Thank you Minister Scott! Yes. You inspired me also. Loved your tips and I scheduled my annual mammogram for Dec. 31. Having a clean bill of health is true wealth. I also sow a lot at the end of year too… It is better to give than receive.

      Blessings…thanks again for all you do. Nice blog.

  • This is confirmation to me because before I watched this video of Eric, I called and cancel the plans I had for the weekend and on Monday. I told myself, you’re going to use this time to write your book because it could be done by Monday if you just focus and write and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Thanks Pam for all that you do.

  • Regina says:

    Awesome message Pam. You definitely keep it real and very generous with resources. Upward On 2013!

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  • Crystal Sanders says:

    I love this article. I was ill-prepared for our call today. Fear
    has manifested in my life as procrastination and confusion.
    I will do better because I have to!

    • Pam Perry says:

      Great Crystal! So glad you read this and watched this video. Like Mary Mary sings, “Go Get Your Blessing! It’s your time!” So preparation, reading, watching, listening and elbow grease will talk you to the next level. (and getting a http://www.gravatar.com too start) LOL!

      P.S. Eric will be my guest on my Blogtalk Radio Show on 12-12-12 at 12 Noon, EST. Tune in, join the chat room and ask a question!


  • Ms. Pam you are so on target! Yes how can we believe, have faith etc.etc. if we are not willing to step out? As believers many of us are bamboozled and don’t even know it.

    I’m speaking from my own experiences because I was scared and somewhat intimidated by all that I saw and was exposed to online. However, I understand that it was a trick of the enemy while God was showing me what was possible.

    Once the research, information, and training is done we must be sure not to sit on what we have. Hiring a coach to move you along is key so that stagnation doesn’t sit in.

    Thanks for always challenging us! I appreciate you.


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