21 “AHA” Moments Every Christian Author Should Have

I love it when authors “get it” and they are inspired. I love seeing the “AHA Moment” on the faces of authors that we coach.   That’s pure joy to me. Helping authors reach their goals.

 That’s the purpose of Ministry Marketing Solutions: providing practical and easy to implement marketing solutions to those who are mission-minded and purpose-filled about their business, brand, book or ministry!

Here is an email from an author who just had their very first contact with us via our PR Power Pack mp3 and ebook.  Her take away from that FREE Pam Perry PR Power Pack that we offer on our Facebook Fan Page.
PR Power Pack gives AHA moments

  • Information is utterly important.
  • Confess our goals and dreams to help make them a reality
  • Preparation is necessary.
  • Believe for the best no matter what it looks like and don’t allow anyone to stand in my way
  • Allow your community to be a source.
  • People are an important key in reaching my goal of being successful in what is going on.
  • Be about our Father’s business
  • Form relationships; don’t just collect friends and never talk to them. Show that you care.
  • Be my brother’s keeper and then sit back and watch GOD BLESS!!!
  • Get a blogtalkradios show for your publicity, marketing and promotions for that particular book/ministry etc.
  • We are not in competition  with each other. (I always tell people that if others imitate you that’s flattery, if they “hate on” you – they’re are scared of all that YOU WILL will become)
  • Conduct seminars and conferences with other authors.
  • Encourage one another.
  • Offer to sell someone else’s book
  • Help promote other authors.
  • Help keep your local book stores open by driving business their way
  • Partnering is important
  • Learn web 2.0 things and many different forms of blogging
  • Get an accountability partner [coach] who is motivated and won’t fear being bluntly honest about what I can be doing better.

Pam Perry's Book

Q.What did you like about the audio?
A.I really enjoyed the audio, your honesty on us walking in excellence and if we can’t do something in a great way then just wait until we have the money and do it then. I’m realizing that I will spend more money if I just rush into something. Be diligent etc You shared so much in the audio and it was really encouraging. It really was.


Q. How was it helpful to you?
A.The Ebook was motivating and it was very informative as well. I LEARNED A LOT PAM!!!
Q. What other information do I need to be a success with my book publicity?
A. Trustworthy people, Great information.
Thank you Pam Perry for all that you do

Author, Mattia Bolton.

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  • Hi Pam, my name is Tanya and I was searching for more information to add to the fact that I am a Published Author as of last Thursday. I am very excited and would be delighted if you could give me any advice. My book called: “Found in a Garbage Can” Generation X to Generation Next: The End of the Godless Age. I am publishing through Xlibris. I also think you are a very sharp looking woman. My compliments.

    Tanya E. Partin Lawton
    Minister of Women of Faith

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