21 Quick Tips to Promote Your Book plus a Free Teleclass

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Book marketing is continual. That’s why there is an “ING” at the end.

You should always be on the look-out to boost your book marketing IQ even more—but be sure to decide which strategies to focus on so you don’t go crazy! 

A good overall approach lies in focusing on strategies that feel easy and intuitive to you. These suggestions may help you decide what to include in your unique mix:

  1. Find Out What Your Chosen Market Really Wants

How do you know you have accomplished this? If your book is geared toward helping them in their greatest area of need, you will have no trouble starting and sustaining active conversation and buzz. Do social media polls like on FB. 

  1. Hook People on Your Book Story

If people relate to you and what drove you to write your book, they are much more likely to remember and purchase the book when it comes out.

Remember that no matter how personal your story, it is really all about your reader and their needs!

  1. Become Expert in Asking

Don’t assume people helping you will know what to do. Get specific with each opportunity. Ask them up front to post reviews on Goodreads as well as Amazon. Ask them to share your Launch Party invitation. Ask them to tell people about your prizes or bonuses. Ask them to like you on social media.

And don’t ask tentatively—actually TELL them what you want them to do.

  1. Don’t Write Text-Heavy, Long Non-Fiction Books

People who read non-fiction usually want to solve an immediate problem, so make sure your book is concise, clear and above all, actionable.

alison vaughn

Alison Vaughn, at Essence Festival in New Orleans. She scouted out the place the day before she did her book signing to become familiar with the surroundings and the layout.

alison vaughn book

alison vaughn book

  1. If You Are Speaking About Your Book or Topic Locally, Visit the Venue in Advance

Knowing exactly where to go, where to park, how to get to the room you’re going to speak in and what it looks like will not only help you visualize it and tip you off to special items to bring with you that it lacks, it will also help reduce public speaking nerves greatly.

Studies have proven we are far less nervous in venues we “know” rather than going cold to an unknown place.

  1. Register on Goodreads as an Author

Start interacting there too and reading reviews. Make connections! Great for SEO.

  1. Pay Attention to Feedback

This means feedback on your posts as well as feedback from beta readers and reviewers on your book.

Get into the habit of analyzing this feedback impartially—this will help ensure you always write what your audience needs, helping you produce books on a recurring basis.

  1. Create a Hashtag for Your Book—and Get People to Use it

Be sure to research any hashtag ideas you have first, to make sure you won’t be hijacking an existing hashtag (particularly if it could conflict with your marketing!) Mine was #synergyenergy 

  1. Plan Your Launch Party

Don’t just invite people and leave it to fate. Plan games, giveaways during the event, prizes, fun questions.

  1. Keep Your Grand Prize to the End of the Party

But announce it first! Let people know there’s going to be a Grand Prize awarded for those that stick around through the whole launch party.

  1. Include the Link to Your Sign-up Page on Your Amazon Author Page

You’d be amazed how many authors don’t think of doing this basic task.

  1. Create a Video Book Trailer—and Optimize it!

Use relevant keywords in your book trailer description and title. Make sure it includes a call to action to your website landing page.

  1. Offer Different Formats of Your Book

Do this for beta readers and ARC reviewers. ASK what format they prefer it in. Offer ePUB, .MOBI or .PDF, to make reviewing it easier for them. Don’t be afraid to give your book away for reviews!!! 

  1. Make Sure Potential Hosts are Active and Established

Always invest in a little research before you offer to guest post or be interviewed. Make sure your potential host has been around at least three years, and has an audience and following that is stronger than yours.

  1. Let Potential Hosts Know What You Will Do for Their People

When offering an interview, always let them know how you can help their audience, how you will promote your interview or post and how you will follow up.

  1. Plan Your Next Book While You’re Blogging

Even as you write posts relevant to the current book you’re marketing (or about to market), keep in mind you can take all the blog posts you write on your topic and package them into your next book (especially if you can expand the material to address feedback on your posts and provide additional information and solutions.)

  1. Research Other Authors in Your Niche

Make notes on tactics and posts they create that really ‘speak’ to you—and adapt that type of tactic or post for your own book website or social posts.

  1. Plan to Advertise

Facebook will even tell you which posts get the most engagement, and which to boost. Listen to them—they want engagement as much as you do; and Facebook makes advertising easy and inexpensive.

  1. Donate Your Products or Books to Other Author Giveaways

Get known as a ‘fellow author’ in your niche and related topics. Contribute prizes and create goodwill (synergy energy) you can leverage when you need it for your own launch—it’s a great way to get other authors—and readers—to remember your name.

  1. Remind Yourself to Send Reminders

Seriously, plan in advance to send out reminders to reviewers, beta readers, and members of your list whenever an event connected to your book is coming up. That includes your launch party, free days on KDP Select, guest interviews you are giving or being given and your actual launch. (And remind them to share your posts, too!)

  1. Create Image Quotes from Your Book (and post on Instagram, FB, Twitter and Pinterest)

Create a number of beautiful and powerful image quotes—containing your best quotes from your own book—and invite people to share.

And most important of all: Remember to track all your strategies, and repeat the most successful ones for your next book launch!

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