5 Branding Superstar Tips that Will Take You to The Top

Some call it the “it” factor. Some call it being “A-lister” or Celebrity Status. Truth is…you have to know it in your heart before you can be it. Will Smith said, “In my mind I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood Superstar, y’all just didn’t know yet.”
will smith

See, it starts in the mind. It’s an attitude. It’s confidence.

The 5 Practical Things Every Superstar Must Do
1. Learn how to strike a pose…and do it often. Smile. By browsing instagram models, you’ll see poses that will inspire you. Also, read fashion blogs. 
2 Have the “Look.” Do you have the look. Hair, skin, teeth, size…clothes. Shoes. You don’t have to have a big budget to look like a BIG brand. If you don’t know how – browse pinterest! Get great ideas from there. Look at the boards: fashion, style, glamour. Or pick up a few fashion magazines like Vogue or InStyle.  And go Shopping!  Hey, check out “rent the runway” – rent your favs and send them back. Especially evening gowns. Who wants to wear that twice?
3. Have great graphics. Make sure your multimedia is on point. Make sure your social media matches your brand, your covers…email addresses too. Start where you with what you have…but Do a brand check. Need a quick graphic done? Go to Canva.com. Love them. It’s the best DIY tool out there and will make you look like a real graphic designer. Just don’t over do it – keep it simple. Not busy.  When something is too busy, too many fonts – it ruins the image. Looks unprofessional. Try Fiverr too.
 4. Have the tools: Podium cover, proper business cards, Step and Repeat, banners or table signs….nothing raggedy! The details are what distinguishes someone as average to someone who is a “superstar.” Even notecards should be custom.  I love to see the “personal touches” on a brand. Even have your own custom water bottle is cool and clever. Ink pens with your slogan on them and website.  My favorite tool is my mic flag. It is cool when I want to do a “pop up” interview.  You can even have post it notes and make sure you carry a sign with you… even if it’s just for a table. It will distinguish you from the pack.
5. Communicate and message your “superstar” activities…either via newsletter, email, blog or social media. Make that part of your lifestyle. Don’t be crazy about it. But show your personality. Show the likeable you – be real and authentic. Don’t brag – who likes that. Just show “YOU” doing you. If you have pets, show pictures of your pet. If you love sunsets, show sunsets. But don’t show boring pictures of “what you ate for lunch.” Really? Who cares? Now, if you just became vegan – that’s ok. Write about that.   Think about what you see your favorite celebs posting. Don’t think they’re being random. It’s all very strategic messaging.  So, you also should think strategic about your social media or emails you send.  It matters – you never know who’s watching and how it will influence whether to connect with you for business or not!
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