5 Different Kinds of Articles You Can Write to Promote Your Book

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Writing articles to promote your book can be a super way to let readers know about your area of expertise and encourage them to learn more by purchasing your book – and it’s great for SEO too!

Write online articles, write for magazines in your niche, write for other blogs, write articles in newsletters that fit your niche too. Just WRITE – add value and add your “resource” box at the end of each article to promote YOU.



Make sure the articles point back to your website and the website is not a WHACK website. (Read this report)

Here are 5 different kinds of articles you can write that will make it easy for you to put together a portfolio of articles to promote your book.

1. How To articles are always fun and highly informational. They get right to the point and the reader is sure to take something away that they can use immediately.

2. Opinion or “op-ed” is an article that is sure to get a response. This article is used to write a convincing and persuasive article that is opposite the popular viewpoints on the subject matter.

3. Reflection articles are interesting because the writer is able to pour out the feelings and emotions from a particular experience in a free way.

4. Survey Results or Case Study articles present a problem and then lay out how it was solved by a certain person or group.

5. Compilation articles are basically the opinions or questions and answers of multiple sources compiled into one article to present a message.

Take the time to decide which article type is best for you and enjoy the benefits of using articles to promote your book. What questions do you have about marketing with articles?

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