7 Superstar Photo Taking Tips

First, meet with several professional photographers to get an idea of their style and personality. Look at their past work. Does it mesh with what you want to convey? Think about your brand. Explain to them your plan on using your photos and your marketing strategy. This gives them an idea on backgrounds, lighting, even outdoor shots and props. 
Gisele bonds
Are you comfortable with the photographer and have good rapport?  Show them what you are looking for (create a vision board or show them samples of what you like). Tell them what you do and who are you ideal clients.
Is he or she willing to work with you to look your best? See if they recommend a stylist or a make up artist for you. Most professional photographers have a favorite make up artist or stylist that they work with. For instance, my photographer for Speakers Magazine, Gisele Bonds (pictured left) uses Heather Collins from Hollywood CA.
 Now here is what YOU need to do to get that Superstar Look captured:

  1. Prepare in advance for your photo shoot. Do a vision board of what you want to achieve. Browse through your favorite magazines. Share on XThen, look through your closet for your favorite clothes, go shopping and get something that makes you feel super special. Look at the poses in the magazines and plan props for your portraits too.


  1. Come in with your hair PROFESSIONALLY done and make done. Get it done that day if you can. Bring your outfits with you and a “stylist” or a friend with style to help you with the session.

pam perry pr
3, Bring a variety of outfits. Think of your brand though. Do at least 2 or 3 wardrobe changes, casual, formal and fun … to capture the many facets of your personality.
Hey, don’t forget a sports outfit, military uniform, fraternity or sorority garb or a dance costume. You never know when you will need a shot of you in this gear.

  1. Bring something STRIKING. How about a Red Carpet outfit. Or just a white shirt against a solid background. Solids work best when you’re going to use them in social media with text.

pam perry

  1. Color adds charisma. Bring a bright top and some jewelry that POPS.


  1. Props personalize. Bring a “step and repeat” sign to brand YOU, your book or your company. This is how the stars do it. Or your own mic flag. 
  1. Plan on at least three to four hours of fun. Laugh and enjoy yourself. It’s what makes an otherwise boring photo have personality. If you feel a little nervous, bring your favorite music to help you get in the mood – and bring out the rock star in you!

Final note,  SENDING PHOTOS TO THE MEDIA (What I prefer at Speakers Magazine):
If you have professional-looking photos related to your event that can add to your message or legitimize your announcement, one to three of those photos can be sent along with the names of those pictured in the photo (photo captions). This is particularly useful for bloggers, magazines and newspapers that are usually eager to add content-enriching photos to their pages. If you are a speaker, please have good, clear pictures of you speaking. Do not show exit signs or coats on the floor! And always send high-rez!
Keep in mind; high-resolution digital photos (in jpeg formats) are preferred for these reasons:

  • They can be emailed easily.
  • The size can be easily adjusted to fit the space restrictions of the paper, blog or newsletter.
  • They usually have a clearer and sharper overall quality.

It’s always far more interesting if your photo is an action shot, rather than staged.
For instance, if you’re sending a photo of keynote speaker for your annual event, an actual shot of him or her actually speaking is a lot more interesting than just their standard head shot.
branding superstar trio perry

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pam perry pr