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As seen in  BlackNews.com, “Mastermind Who Works With Celebrities Proves That Black Excellence is Not Just a Hashtag.”  Rushion McDonald, who is on the cover of this month’s issue of Speakers Magazine, lives and inspires this every day.

The April 2021 issue of Speakers Magazine features a cover story of a brand architect who has the track record to prove it. Rushion McDonald is the mastermind behind some large brands who have made great strides based on his guidance, including media celebrities like Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith.

He affirms “real success is incumbent upon you knowing with certainty who you are and what you want to achieve.” McDonald has been the guiding hand on his client’s brands and found it necessary to place the focus on reinventing his own brand. Readers will find his story inspiring, insightful and incredible.

McDonald shares how his reinvention led to launching “Money Making Conversations.” This is a weekly podcast where McDonald interviews celebrities about entrepreneurship and the business side of careers. The article serves as a reminder of how important it is to manage your brand and never be afraid to start something new.

Also featured in the April issue of SPEAKERS:

* Darryll Stinson, former athlete turned author and TedX Speaker

* Jazmine Smith, an Army Veteran now a speaker and nonprofit leader

* LD Wells, award-winning author and speaker

* Annette Morris, mental health therapist, coach, and author

* Grace Holden, CEO of Real Champions League, and speaker talent manager

* Patricia Saunders, Diversity trainer and motivational speaker

* Alethia Tucker, founder of Jolease Enterprise, author and speaker

“We are blessed to have cover stories of many great speakers. April continues with the tradition by featuring a skilled professional who also uses his platform to present others. Rushion McDonald is highly respected and regarded as a thought leader who understands the value of managing your brand. We are delighted to include Mr. McDonald in our stable of great cover stories,” said Pam Perry, publisher of Speakers Magazine, which is going into its fifth year.

Watch the interview with Rushion McDonald, Brian J. Olds (BSN), Pam Perry (publisher) and Cier Black (writer):

Rushion McDonald

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