Episode 108: Are You Ready for PR?

If you’re thinking “I could do that” when you see featured guests on The Today Show, Roland Martin, and other major media outlets, I’m here to say you’re right! You absolutely can bring your message to big places in TV, magazines, radio, and newspapers.

But are you ready to get that media attention? The media is always looking for good stories, but they need things from you before they can do anything for you — photos, bios, and videos are just a few things you’ll need in a media kit that sets you up for success.

You want to look like a pro, not someone who’s making it up as they go, so listen in for: why you need an Amazon Author Page and all the things you can add to it, tips for using your name on websites and social media, what most bios sound like and how to use the 5 Ws to make yours better, and the answer to the big question: Which comes first, celebrity or PR? … and more!

"When it comes to getting PR, your job is to make the media look good, to make their life easier, and to make sure you have all your stuff together.” – Dr. Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • A simple to-do that most authors don’t do
  • 3 things to include on your Amazon Author Page
  • 8 steps in your book buyer’s journey
  • Pro Tip: The #1 mistake authors make with their bios
  • Never use these in your domain name
  • An essential page for every author website
  • Use these 5 Ws to shape a brilliant bio
  • Why you need 3 bios that are the same but different
  • Where to drop your speaking reel online (you do have a reel, right?)
  • How to look like a pro instead of a “Whoa, no!” 🤣
  • Don’t play this name game, make them the same!
  • 3 photo styles and why you need them
  • What you can offer instead of a press kit
  • How to make it easy for the media to say Yes
  • Your first steps for getting media publicity


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