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7 Keys to Thought Leadership: How to Elevate Your Brand with Media Coverage

Establishing yourself as a thought leader is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Thought leadership helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace, builds your credibility, and attracts opportunities that can catapult your career or business to new heights. However, achieving thought leadership requires more than just expertise; it demands […]

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Celebrate with Me: Big Wins, Big News, and a Special Gift Just for You!

Join PR guru Dr. Pam Perry as she celebrates being named one of the Global Gurus Top 30 for 2024 and receiving the Stellar Business Award for Best Public Relations and Branding in Washington, DC. To mark these incredible achievements and her birthday, Pam is offering an exclusive masterclass designed to elevate your media visibility and branding. Learn proven strategies, insider tips, and how to leverage media platforms to reach a broad audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your PR skills and shine brightly in the media landscape. Sign up now for Dr. Pam’s masterclass and join the celebration!

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Pam Perry and Kelly McDonald in Get Out There and Get Known

Episode 148: Sharing Practical Solutions for Today’s Diverse Workplace

Kelly shares insights into the importance of diversity in business and how embracing diversity can lead to better customer service and business growth. She emphasizes the need to move away from diversity for diversity’s sake and instead embrace diversity as a powerful tool for success. Kelly provides practical examples and advice on how to navigate diversity in the workplace, including tips on communication and building trust among team members.

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Pam Perry and Gerald McBride in Get Out There and Get Known

Episode 146: Gerald McBride – Radio Icon – Now Movie Producer & FilmMaker

Gerald McBride is a radio icon celebrating over 30 years in the broadcasting business. Like so many fans, Gerald went to the old school. McBride is a homegrown Detroiter born under the influence of the Miracles, Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. All the Motown greats are his friends, as are the other legends that endure to this day, the Dramatics, Chaka and Anita Baker.

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