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tsufit and dr pam perry

Episode 82: How to Captivate and Capture Your Audience with Tsufit, Author of “Step Into the Spotlight”

I’ve brought in Tsufit, author of Step Into the Spotlight, to share some of her attention-grabbing, captivate-and-capture secrets.

This episode is packed with true stories and pro tips, including: the simple ACT method of business building, when silence will speak louder than words, why every thought leader should publish a book, how much time you should spend on marketing, a real-world example of “show don’t tell,” what to do about people who follow you for years but never buy your stuff … and more!

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roz miller choice and dr pam perry

Episode 81: Discover Your Calling and Uncover Your Genius with Roz Miller Choice, The Expert Maker®

Get ready to take notes because my guest this week is Roz Miller Choice, the Expert Maker, and her superpower is uncovering your hidden genius and packaging it for earning potential.

We dig into the business of expertise, including: if you can be an expert without writing a book, why authoring a book brings so much credibility, when you should have more than one bio (and how to make sure none of them sound like an obit!), tips and prompts for uncovering your hidden genius on your own, why signature live events beat video and TV for connecting with your audience, why having multiple streams of income is a win-win plus how many you should have … and more!

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lewis schenk and dr pam perry

Episode 80: Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Message in the Media

Whether you need to learn the basics of personal branding or dig a little deeper, this talk with Lewis Schenk of Boost Media has what you’re looking for. Listen in and learn: the key to giving unforgettable presentations, how we get stuck in certain seasons of our lives, the difference between marketing and branding, why people are more attracted to personal brands, how being a conference junkie helped build my business, plus our stories on the impact of PR … and more!

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tamra andress and dr pam perry

Episode 78: Marketplace Ministry Through Purpose and Passion with Tamra Andress, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

My guest, Tamra Andress has combined her gifts, skills, passion, and faith for a purpose with the clarity (and financial profit) that I want for you, so listen in and learn: how marketplace ministry creates opportunities for you serve without a pulpit, my “junk drawer” method for finding your purpose, what a Jim Carrey movie can tell you about identity, how hiring a coach will accelerate your business … and more!

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tanya smith and dr pam perry

Episode 77: Get Noticed with Video with Tanya Smith, Content Marketing Strategist

Listen in and hear what content marketing strategist Tanya Smith suggests for starter gear and equipment upgrades, along with: getting over your on-camera fears, your initial video setup (which doesn’t cost anything!), the problem with buying expensive video gear, why live video is worth doing, why we love/hate green screens, the 3 social media platforms that require approval for live video … and more!

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