Episode 16: Being Fearless Online and in Business with Business Coach Kadena Tate

More than ever, you’ve got to be loud and proud about the gifts you bring to the world. If you want to be heard above all this chaos, you can’t be whispering your words of wisdom, okay?

My guest Kadena Tate, Business Acceleration Alchemist and author of Be Fearless, helps her clients double and triple their income through business transformations rooted in a positive mindset, clear intentions, and value-driven purpose – that’s why she’s my business coach!

The key is not to be swept away by the words in your River of Fear, which Kadena says “would drown you and drown out your natural, God-given gift.” If you’ve been held back by doubt, dread, and crippling self-criticism, then you’ll want to listen to this episode from beginning to end … twice! 😊

Stick with Kadena and me, and you’ll hear about valuing your gifts, talents, strengths, abilities, and life experiences; how your intention can affect your income; what Proverbs says about marketing; how people’s need for community can equal recurring monthly revenue for you; what you have to be willing to do (and be) to find success online; how your word is like a magic wand ... and more! 

“You can’t hide online. You really have to be loud and proud about the value you bring.” – Kadena Tate

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • So, what is business acceleration alchemy?
  • What Proverbs 18:16 has to do with marketing your business
  • 8 things you want your business coach to do for you (and with you!)
  • What an “all-in-one” online business model can look like
  • How building a community can build your revenue
  • The 4 things you must be willing to do (and be) to find success online
  • What words are flowing by in your River of Fear?
  • True Story! How Kadena’s 15-year-old manuscript got published overnight
  • How to make a lot of cash quickly (Hint: it’s not about the money … or about you)
  • 2 things you must have if you’re going to help people through your work
  • Hey, Writers! If you want your words to be read, make sure you do these 3 Ps
  • Where a lot of people think success comes from (and they’re wrong)
  • True Story! Helping a small number of people can have a large and lasting impact
  • These are the kind of people you need around you…
  • The right coach can help bring these 3 Cs to your business and your life
  • Please don’t feel these 3 ways about your gift
  • What Kadena feels is the best thing about this season that we’re in
  • What you can learn from the late Natalie Desselle
  • Kadena says this is what the online world needs now


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