Episode 118: The Black and Missing Foundation: A PR Brand Committed to Change with Natalie Wilson

In this episode, Natalie Wilson of the Black and Missing Foundation discusses the work of the organization, the importance of telling stories to raise awareness, and how PR has helped them achieve their goals. You'll learn how the foundation uses media and social media to help find missing persons, how to raise awareness of the issue of missing persons in the African American community.

I think just from that coverage, you never know who is watching or reading. Alison Seymour was on Fox and reached out. It started as grassroots efforts locally, and then the national platforms were watching."  – Natalie Wilson

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Tamika Houston: Where Natalie Wilson started [00:03:46]
  • Self-Education: Starting a Non-profit [00:06:42]
  • Building Steam: Small things add up [00:12:29]
  • Human Interest: Exposure and awareness [00:15:51]
  • Fair and Equitable Coverage [00:18:41]
  • The perceptions: where the story gets mis told [00:22:38]


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