Episode 89: Black Media Power with Lavaille Lavette, President & Publisher at Ebony Magazine Publishing

Everything in publishing is different from when I started 30+ years ago. The internet changed everything — the music industry, book publishing, magazine publishing — and now video and audio publishing are possible for anyone with a smartphone.

This makes anything possible for people and organizations who aim to amplify black voices, and that’s right in the wheelhouse of my guest, Lavaille Lavette, who is an author, educator, producer, and social entrepreneur, as well as President & Publisher at Ebony Magazine Publishing and Managing Partner at Ebony Media Publishing.

So, while you listen in on what’s happening at Ebony — and even Jet! — I want you to open your mind to what’s possible now that you can own YOUR platform and YOUR narrative.

Get the inside story on 2 big new books published by Ebony Media, where to find the best Black podcasts (and how to get your podcast on that curated list), the opportunities available for freelance writers, authors, and readers, and what’s going on with Jet magazine … and more!

"I just say that it’s great to get up in the morning and say, ‘Hey, who am I going to help today?” – Lavaille Lavette

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True story! From schoolteacher to author to publishing executive
  • On making a living doing what you love
  • A new generation of Renaissance men — and women!
  • 2 big new books published by and about Ebony magazine
  • Where to find the best Black podcasts
  • How to submit YOUR podcast to the Ebony Podcast Network
  • A snapshot of today’s Black media company
  • Writers and Authors! Ebony magazine is looking for you…
  • Look Out! Ebony writing contests are coming soon
  • A next-level nationwide book club
  • So, is Jet coming back?


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