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Social Media Swag Step 2: Make Digital Footprints in the Sand

We are told to BRAND YOURSELF. Sounds simple enough. With today’s social media, that should be easy. But what I’ve realized since doing the Branding Superstar University Teleclasses, many don’t BRAND or promote because they really don’t know your TRUE brand identity. You have a lot of skills, abilities and experiences – and a dream […]

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7 Steps to Social Media Swag

We are in the information age. And a lot of Baby Boomers (me included) are a little intimidated by technology. The digital divide is real. It is my mission to close the gap and to get people to see how social media and technology is just another communication tool. It’s like public relations on steroids. […]

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Using Email Marketing Campaigns to Achieve Objectives

In our Branding Superstar University Teleclass, we have the “CNN of  Gospel News” as our special guest. Veda Brown, President/CEO of Black Gospel Promo gave advice and tips on how to use email marketing (or eblasts) to brand your book, business, music or  ministry. Here is a bit of a summary of our teleclass with […]

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The Smart Guide To Book Marketing and Promotion

So, how can self-published authors market and promote their books smartly.Here are some tips below: 1. Create Buzz For Your work Before Publication: This is a very smart thing to do even before you get you book published. There are lots of way to go about letting people know about your work before it hit […]

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Pam Perry Podcast and Publishing Call

“Is There a Book in You?” Publishing Call for Aspiring and Future Bestselling Authors Hosted by National Bestselling Author, Kim Brooks and Her Dream Team including: Pam Perry – PR Coach & Internet Marketing Consultant, Skyla P. Thomas – Chief Editor and CEO of Pleasant Words LaTanya Orr – CEO of Selah Branding […]

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3 Elements to an Effective Author Platform

Building a writing career can be a long, and at times, difficult road. And, many new authors think writing itself is the tough part, but that’s not really the case. Writing a story that you intend to publish traditionally or self-publish has a beginning, a middle, and an end. You can create an outline as […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Book Won’t Be a Best Seller

The secret to selling books is not about the writing – it’s about the marketing.  Yes, you must have a well-written, interesting and awesome book. But that’s not what people buy. They don’t know it’s well-written, interesting or awesome from looking at the cover. All a potential reader can go by is the cover, the […]

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How to be more Blogalicious in 8 Easy Steps

Do you worry about whether your blog offers quality content that your target readers will love?   Remember the movie, “Julie & Julia?” She was so excited when she got a comment!  Yes, it’s a good feeling. You’ve got fans! Lady Gaga calls herself “the luckiest girl on earth” because she has fans.  Comments mean […]

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Branding Secrets of a Superstar

In order to stand out today in the marketplace, you need to have an edge. You need to have an aura of “celebrity” or at the very least, a memorable brand.  What makes a superstar brand? While you think it may be all about image, it is not. A superastar brand takes deliberate, strategic thought […]

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11 Tips on How to get some INK from the Press

Here are some tips on getting a press release picked up by the media to generate interview requests from radio, newspapers and local TV.  If you have a special event or launching a new book or product and need to get some media attention – do these 11 things. 1.    Get newsworthy info into the […]

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