Episode 53: Special Edition! Branding Accelerator Insiders Share Their Big Wins

This special edition is for you speakers, authors, coaches, and experts who are left unseen, unheard, and unnoticed in this busy world, but you know you’re ready to break through to the next level.

I can help you get seen, get heard, get noticed, and get known – and get booked, get readers, get clients, and get customers. You don’t have to guess what to do, wonder what will work, or do it by yourself anymore.

My Branding Accelerator Program – which is part mentorship, part mastermind, part master class – is your opportunity to spend an intense 12 weeks working side-by-side with me among high-achieving speakers and authors who are going places, doing things, and getting things done.

And it’s not over when it’s over! After the program, you’ll have me as your mentor for life, plus your cohort for continued support and accountability, and you’ll be further ahead for 2022.

So join me, Yolanda Spearman, Dr. David Walker, and Rodney Burris on this special episode to hear first-hand about the big wins and success of a few our latest graduates, including: their new book deals, big boosts in book sales and social media following, magazine cover stories, being featured in newspapers and traditional media, podcast interviews, access to the media through my contacts ... and more!

Clarity is where your cash is.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Meet a few of the latest Branding Accelerator cohort graduates
  • [ 1:55 ] Yolanda Spearman has collected a bouquet of big wins!
  • Big Win #1: New success with social media
  • Big Win #2: A big-time boost in book sales
  • Big Win #3: Getting known through magazines, interviews, and online articles
  • What’s Next for Yolanda
  • [ 7:00 ] Dr. David M. Walker’s big steps and new impact are getting noticed!
  • Big Win #1: Getting a new book contract with a publishing company
  • Big Win #2: Shaping his upcoming book to be a strategic marketing tool
  • Big Win #3: New podcast & radio show interview opportunities
  • What’s next for Dr. David
  • [ 13:55 ] Rodney C. Burris is leveling up for access to bigger stages
  • Big Win #1: Fine-tuning his specialty has opened new doors
  • Big Win #2: Homing in on his target audience to uplevel his marketing
  • Big Win #3: Joining the respected Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour
  • What’s Next for Rodney
  • [ 19:50 ] All about my Branding Accelerator program


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