Branding During The New Normal: How Brands Should Adapt Going Forward

pam perry speaking

We are living through extraordinary times. The outbreak of COVID-19 impacted #businesses and #brands significantly.

For #brandleaders , it raises a string of concerns like how they can respond to these changing situations.

Our speakers: Zontee Hou, Tamsen Webster, Ryan Foland, Erika Heald & Pam Perry

Join us for this panel discussion with #branding & #marketing experts where we will be addressing topics like

– What are the key challenges for brands during COVID-19 pandemic

– Which brands are making a difference amidst the crisis

– How to adapt effective #communicationstrategy and respond to crisis

– Tips on positioning your brand digitally and standing out from competitors

– Advice for brands going forward

​Register here: https://bit.ly/37wH9Fc

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