Branding Secrets of a Superstar

In order to stand out today in the marketplace, you need to have an edge. You need to have an aura of “celebrity” or at the very least, a memorable brand. 

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What makes a superstar brand? While you think it may be all about image, it is not. A superastar brand takes deliberate, strategic thought and processes to deliver the final outcome.

How does one launch like a superstar? From my years of working in the public relations industry, I’ve observed what makes  someone an “A-lister” and what is the “it” factor that makes one shine.

Here are some tips:

1. Passion. Every superstar has a fire in their belly. They are excited, exuberant and authentic about their topic – whether they are getting paid or not. At the drop of dime they can turn on the charm and mesmerize an audience.

2. Preparation. Every branding superstar has taken the time to rehearse. They visualize success and do what they have to do to deliver the star power. Superstars know their stuff – inside and out. That’s what gives them confidence to exude an aura of success and prominence.

3. Polish. Every superstar has a look. A voice. A style. You know their brand. You never catch them on a “bad” day. If you’re going for that superstar status, you have to take time to line up your online presence and your offline image. That means hiring professionals to help with hair, makeup, wardrobe – the entire package. Online, it’s important use an experienced graphic designer to brand your website, social media channels and multimedia projects.

4. Power. A superstar that has the passion, preparedness and polish – steps into their power.  They are shining their light and sharing their expertise and giftings with the world. Their demeanor exudes confidence.

These four tips make up the mindset of a superstar – in the Branding Superstar University, I will go over the practical tips to make you shine online and off.  Sign up and ask your questions LIVE.


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