Episode 47: Build a Better Brand through Storytelling with Media Maven Sonia Alleyne

Whether you want to build a more profitable business or cultivate a successful career, you’ll enjoy my interview with author and media maven Sonia Alleyne. Her gift is storytelling, which isn’t just children’s books and fairy tales!

Storytelling is how we connect to clients and customers, communicate with co-workers, and even what we tell ourselves. Getting a promotion, winning an election, leading a team, selling your product or service, and having a success-centered mindset -- they all start with telling an outstanding story

 For real: Sonia’s book helped my daughter get a big job promotion! So, if you want more or better for your career or business, listen in to hear about: storytelling as a power tool, interviewing Oprah, why we like taking selfies, the heart of a strong media pitch, why clarity is #1, the problem with ego marketing, what to do when opportunity knocks … and more!

Whatever we desire, we can have. Particularly for people of color, we have to start believing that we deserve it.” – Sonia Alleyne

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Our natural way of relating to information
  • Why we like taking selfies
  • What all successful brands have in common
  • Why Obama’s election slogans worked
  • Another way to look at your opportunities
  • Do you kick ass at work?
  • Why clarity is #1
  • Do this for maximum impact when you’re pitching
  • Here’s what’s wrong with “ego marketing”…
  • Interviewing Oprah Winfrey -- and the core of all her business mistakes
  • What’s at the heart of the ideal customer experience
  • About Sonia Alleyne’s next book: The 5 Universal Laws of Success


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