Episode 82: How to Captivate and Capture Your Audience with Tsufit, Author of “Step Into the Spotlight”

Lots of people think that the best way to get more customers and clients is to look them up and then chase them down — but people who are being chased typically run away, right?!

The key is to attract your ideal people with what you’re saying and doing as a thought leader, author, or speaker. Now more than ever, attention is the currency, so I’ve brought in Tsufit — pronounced soo-feet! — author of Step Into the Spotlight, to share some of her attention-grabbing, captivate-and-capture secrets.

This episode is packed with true stories and pro tips, including: the simple ACT method of business building, when silence will speak louder than words, why every thought leader should publish a book, how much time you should spend on marketing, a real-world example of “show don’t tell,” what to do about people who follow you for years but never buy your stuff … and more!

"It’s not enough to captivate; you have to capture people, too, or they’ll forget you. Put them somewhere (like an email list or group), so later they can come to you, again and again.” – Tsufit

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! From attorney to TV actress to musician to…
  • A must-have ingredient for your personal story
  • How to boost your pitch above 300+ emails in a journalist’s inbox
  • True Story: Sometimes, you have to break the rules
  • Pro Tip! Use silence to your advantage
  • ‘How to be the speaker that everyone remembers
  • Two ways to capture fans (after captivating them)
  • About those people who follow you for years but never buy…
  • How much of your time should you spend on marketing?
  • Pro Tip! Why every thought leader should publish a book
  • What marketing ISN’T
  • True Story! Your 30-second pitch: “Demonstrate, don’t narrate”
  • Experts! Here’s how to build your business through Q&A…


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