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What You Need To Know About Book Marketing

To be a successful author, you have to market your book.  It doesn’t make any sense to write something and no one knows about it. Heck, even if you are in the process of writing, you should get the buzz going. You know the main mistake I see authors making? Not knowing their target audience. […]

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What is Branding? [Podcast]

      Many people think that having a logo, tagline, great photos, and maybe a website, blog and Facebook page is all they need to set up their brand. NOT! However, brand, as we know it today is not a logo. A logo is the tangible identity of a company in the market. Logos […]

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Online Branding: Get Found, Get Known, Get Out There

 The Quickest Way to Get Known: Get Found On Google! What do people see when they Google YOU? The internet has changed everything. Social Media has changed everybody. We don’t go to the Yellow Pages for phone number, we Google. We don’t go to the library reference desk, we Google. Even when we’re looking up […]

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The Power of the Press Release

Let the world know about you through a well written press (or often called MEDIA) release. This document, the Press/Media Release is the foundation of your media kit. So, what is a press release? A press release is a one-page, typed document which is distributed to the media that clearly and succinctly details the most […]

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Social Media Strategies to Win (Podcast and Video)

 I have been beating up (I mean coaching) my ministry author clients to really get involved (engaged) in social media. It’s time, don’t you think? We saw a guy with funny name and the first African American become the President of the United States – using savvy social media and internet marketing tactics. (Of course […]

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How to Brand Yourself with a Book [Video]

Writing and publishing.  Attracting readers. Getting sales.  Books are big business. Best selling authors J.K Rowling, Stephenie Meyer – they have big names for selling their most imaginative stories through books.   If you say imaginative, there has to be a unique slant to their stories that would make them want personally by massive people.  […]

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What’s Your PLATFORM?

Find your “book hook.” Get some SWAGGER! Do your social media swag and build a list of raving fans online before the book is even published. That’s how you become a best-seller. As an author, you want to get your message “out there!” But what do you want to say? Are you an expert? An […]

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