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12 pam perry 1960

6 Things I Have Learned After 6 Decades of Living

Being a child of the 60s and born in Detroit – the Motown sound was definitely the music track of my life.  Not only was the music good, but the singers became sign posts of what’s possible. Seeing groups like The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops and The Jackson Five shoot to stardom, inspired […]

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dr portial lockett hope healing

[Watch This] 📺 Dr. Portia Lockett: Hope Dealer

This COVID19 has been wearing on the world.  Time to talk about healing and hope.  Whether you knew someone who passed from this disease or your life is just disrupted because of the quarantines. All of us have lost something.  Loss equates to grief.  We have to deal with it or we will stay stuck […]

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Kim Coles Speakers Magazine

[Video] Speakers Magazine Featuring Kim Coles

Did you get a chance to download and read the last issue of Speakers Magazine? If not, just head over to the Speakers Magazine website. It’s free.   If you’re a speaker and need help making the pivot to online events, contact us. We’re here for you to help you brand like a superstar.

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1 Kim Coles and Pam Perry

Woo Woo Woo: Captivating Conversations with Kim Coles

I’m sooo excited. Besides this being my birthday month…I’m speaking on podcasting for profit at Kim Coles’ Captivating Conversations Summit. Kim is also the cover story for Speakers Magazine this month. The internet is all buzzing about the CAPTIVATING CONVERSATIONS SUMMIT– How to Thrive with Certainty in Uncertain Times! This summit was created to help […]

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🛫 How to Transcend, Surpass and Outdo the Status Quo [Video ]

Back in the saddle. It’s fall. Heading into fourth quarter of the year. No one wants to average; we want to blaze into 2020.  If you want to surpass, excel, exceed, beat, trump [no pun intended], top, outdo or outrival, and outshine the competition – you’ve got to step up your game. Information changes the seasons of your life. You’ve got […]

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1 stacie nc grant faithpreneur

[Podcast & Video] 🎧 What is a #Faithpreneur? Podcast with Dr. Stacie NC Grant #ignite2impact

What is a Faithpreneur? Entrepreneurs are typically individuals who exhibit grit, determination and resilience to establish and monetize their business idea. Faithpreneurs just add the element of faith. They stand out as change agents, with fidelity to God in organizing, managing and owning a business. The goal of #FaithpreneurWeekend2K19 is to create sustainable revenue, resources […]

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alycia huston

🧠 Use Your Brain: The Truth about Your Brain Potential [Guest Post by Alycia Huston] #transcend

Your mind is much more powerful than you may realize.  Last year, scientists at the Salk Institute in San Diego, CA discovered that the human brain’s computing power is ten times greater than previously thought. Mastering your brain health is something that requires effort. The research suggests that you have the computing ability and information […]

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