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How to Network with Your Target Audience

Social networking. It’s really just networking on steroids. As an author or speaker, you need people to notice you, to care about what you offer and to buy what you sell. Networking – online or off is never easy. Here is an article I found that really explains how to create a “tribe” or community […]

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Blogging Black People

Yes, Black People Blog! Blogging While Brown

Over the years I’ve stressed blogging. As a publicist, I advise my clients to get started blogging to get their brand voice “out there.” A blog is like your newspaper, your radio station, your magazine or your television – or a combination of all media. You can “be your own the media” with a blog. […]

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How to Sell More by Giving It Away: The Profit in Free

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.,” said Nobel prize winning economist Milton Freidman demonstrating a powerful pricing concept. In the marketplace, if something is free, we are usually being charged for it somewhere else along the line. Conversely, as marketers, if we are strategic in giving product away, we can more than […]

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Closer to my dream

As I embark on 2015, I am so excited about the new year. I am never afraid to hit the “reset” button as my friend and colleague, Karen Taylor Bass, talks about.  Until I get life the way I want to, I’m going to keep changing. Rebrand. Life is like a canvas…waiting for you to […]

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Social Media Utilization for a Strong Fan Base

Authors need to know: Building a strong fan base can seem daunting at first, especially to a new writer that doesn’t have anything published. But it is something that is essential to your success. What most agents and publishers want to see, even before you are published, is that you can gather a real following […]

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Common Mistakes of Debut Authors (OMG!)

Ok, I can’t believe new authors are STILL making these mistakes. I’ve been blogging and podcasting about book marketing since 2000!  OK, get it together authors. Read this article by a colleague – and if you still need help, contact either one of us!   Prior to being published, new authors frequently make mistakes that […]

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