Client News: 📰 Transformational Coach Erica Lynn Releases a Much-Needed Book About Healing at A Time When We All Need It

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At at time in our nation where emotions are raw from the last exasperating four years – concluded by the nail-biting election results, we all need a break. This book by Coach Erica Lynn, will help you heal, get clarity and move forward with confidence to get ready for 2021. If there are areas in your life that have held you back, this book will help. 

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If there was ever a year that the world could use some healing, it’s 2020. On top of the stress of a global pandemic, we face a hostile political climate, racial unrest and a never-ending barrage of upsetting news stories. And while all Americans are affected, the CDC has reported that black Americans are being hit the hardest right now. Not just their physical health but their mental health and livelihoods too. And although it may seem daunting to try to make real change in the midst of so much adversity, inspirational black author and transformational coach, Erica Lynn, has a message for those struggling: the time to start healing is now.

Erica’s The 7 Techniques of Healing is the book that can truly change lives, even now, in these turbulent times. “It’s often when people are in their darkest moments or facing their biggest challenges that they finally find the courage to take that first step toward making real change in their lives,” says Erica. “So many of us are walking around allowing our lives to be shaped by past traumas because we haven’t taken the time to heal or reckon with the past. But until we’re ready to do that it’s very hard to move forward in any meaningful or positive way,” she explains.

No stranger to overcoming adversity, Erica had the odds stacked against her. Becoming a young mother at 17, she found herself on welfare, struggling to make ends meet, with no real vision for her future. “Deep inside I knew I wanted something more, but I couldn’t see the path forward,” says Erica. Never one to give up, Erica even graduated from college at age 39 and hoped her life would finally turn around. But she still had trauma from a past riddled with abuse and abandonment that that was holding her back. It wasn’t until she put the time into healing those past traumas that she finally started to see real changes in her life.

Once free from her past, Erica began to thrive, and her life is now unrecognizable. She has made a career out of helping others on their own personal journeys to success and happiness.
When Erica is not coaching, writing or recording her podcast “Living Courageous”, she’s giving keynote speeches, celebrated for their soulful and optimistic tone and teaching her popular online group coaching program, 1 STEP BEYOND U, which is available for enrolment through her website

Despite all her success, Erica knows that none of it would be possible if she hadn’t put the work into healing herself, which is why she is so passionate about teaching others how to do this too. The 7 Techniques of Healing provides a step by step guide for people who are ready to stop being defined by their current circumstances or past experiences. It’s a book made for those ready for a future that looks brighter. “It really is all about taking that first step. Which can feel scary, I know,” says Erica. “Trust me, I’ve been there. That’s why I wrote this book. So that this process would be less confusing and scary for others. I guess in a way, I wrote the book I needed all those years of my life but wasn’t there.”

If you’re finally ready to turn your life around you can purchase The 7 Techniques of Healing through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And in the true spirit of looking out for those in need Erica is also offering access to a free e-book on her website to get you started on your journey. Let Erica be your guide, your teammate, your cheerleader, and your friend as you find your way to your best self. You’re not alone in this. She’s with you every step of the way! Visit for more info or to book her to speak your event, virtual or live in-person.

kenya moore cass tech detroit grownI am personally so proud of Erica Lynn, not only because the book is transforming lives, but she is getting major media exposure and invitations to speak. If you’d like to learn how to do what she’s done, head over to to hear her testimony. 

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