Episode 104: Convert Your Social Media Content into Cash with Shanel Evans

One of the best ways to get out there and get known is social media. Everyone has the apps right there on their phones, and they can read their feeds anytime, anywhere.

That’s also true when you’re ready to post for your business, right? You can post to social media from your laptop, your iPad, or on the go with your phone, BUT if you want more clients, more influence, and more money (and not just likes 👍 and hearts ❤ ), then you need to be strategic about what and when you post.

So join me and my guest Shanel Evans to get pro tips and your first steps for creating social media content that converts into cash.

Listen in for: Your very first step in creating a strategic social media presence for your business, 4 signs you have Post Paralysis, 2 social media tips especially for non-techies (like me), my #1 social media tip for people (like my husband) who’d rather talk face-to-face in the real world than connect online, and the ONE thing to remember whenever you see a spectacular reel, post, or video and think, ‘Well, dang. I can’t do anything that fancy!’ … and more!

"To get a laser focus for your social media content, your first step is to get crystal clear on your overall vision.” – Shanel Evans

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • What “cash-generating content” means
  • True Story: Career pivot from finance executive to social media strategist
  • Is your social media a business tool or a vanity trip?
  • Your first step for a strategic social media presence
  • Flashback! Doing business before the internet
  • Where corporate roles meet developing a business
  • Pop Quiz: Do you have to know your numbers?
  • 4 signs you have “Post Paralysis”
  • My #1 social media tip for people (like my husband!) who prefer real-world face-to-face contact
  • Where PR intersects with social media
  • What your fans and followers need to know about you
  • How many social media platforms should you be on?
  • Not a computer techie? Here are 2 things especially for you…
  • Intimidated by others’ reels and feeds? Don’t compare and despair!


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