Episode 87: Dial Up Your Digital Marketing with Gresham ’Gresh’ Harkless, Digital Media Maestro

You’ve heard me say it before: If you want to be successful online, you’ve got to get your website right! So I’ve invited digital media maestro Gresh Harkless — content creator, blogger, podcaster, vlogger, and proud technical geek — to get us on the right path.

A website done right is more than great photos and cool videos. The right words on the screen and behind the scenes will make it easy for your ideal customers and clients to find you through Google and other search engines.

So listen in for pro tips and actionable ideas to make your website “google-licious,” including: the 2 biggest mistakes we see people make, what HARO is and why we love it, the right way to do a Google search, how creating more content creates more opportunities, and Gresh’s ‘sticky paper’ strategy, plus strategic questions to ask about your success, your workload, and your audience … and more!

"We all learn in our zone of genius. People don’t necessarily know everything that you know, so you want to be able to translate and spoonfeed that information for people.” – Gresh Harkless

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Gresh’s proven formula for success through digital media
  • True Story! How a 10-year-old gets paid to run a newspaper
  • Where to uncover the value of what you know and do
  • Pop Quiz: What would you do with unlimited revenue to grow your business?
  • The core strategy for creating rich content
  • How creating more content creates more opportunities
  • Pro Tip: Why and how to create a round-up article
  • Why we love HARO — and one warning (with 1 workaround)
  • What folks get wrong when building their website
  • Pro Tip: Want a strong local following? Add this to your website…
  • Your #1 step for getting “google-licious”
  • Pop Quiz: Does your website have a clear call to action?
  • Pro Tip: How to make creating content easy
  • The “sticky paper” content strategy
  • What people forget about SEO, business, and technology


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