Episode 81: Discover Your Calling and Uncover Your Genius with Roz Miller Choice, The Expert Maker®

Do you have stories or lessons to share with the world, but it’s hard to put them into words — or to pick just one thing from the million ideas you have? Then I have two things to tell you…

First: You’re not alone. I work with a lot of brilliant people to get clarity on their vision. Second: Get ready to take notes because my guest this week is Roz Miller Choice, the Expert Maker, and her superpower is uncovering your hidden genius and packaging it for earning potential.

We dig into the business of expertise, including: if you can be an expert without writing a book, why authoring a book brings so much credibility, when you should have more than one bio (and how to make sure none of them sound like an obit!), tips and prompts for uncovering your hidden genius on your own, why signature live events beat video and TV for connecting with your audience, why having multiple streams of income is a win-win plus how many you should have … and more!

"A book adds some serious credibility. Once you say ‘I have a book,’ then people take you more seriously” – Roz Miller Choice

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • 2 superpowers that Roz uses as a brand strategist
  • Steps 1-2-3 for C-suite execs pivoting to a thought-leader role
  • Pop Quiz! Do you have to publish a book to be a thought leader?🤔
  • 2 reasons a book adds to your credibility
  • Pro Tip! An outline for a 5-star thought-leader bio
  • Every author-speaker website needs these things, too…
  • The key to a successful photoshoot
  • Pro Tip! The template for a perfect one-line intro
  • 6 questions for uncovering your hidden genius
  • 4 questions to fine-tune your business vision
  • True Story! From retired executive to pageant winner to TV ads & billboards
  • 8 ways to package your expertise
  • What you get from giving a signature live event
  • Why having multiple streams of income is a win-win
  • How many products and programs you should have


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