Do you have a book, product, cause or business you’d like to promote? [Meet the Media]

Should a lot more people know about the work you’re doing? 
Want to be interviewed on top TV shows like MSNBC, 48 Hours, ABC’s The View, Fox News and the Today Show?
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Would you like to be featured in major national publications like Health, Time, Family Circle, O the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, People, INC. or the New York Times?

Apply to attend the National Publicity Summit (Virtual), a series of Zoom meetings taking place November 30 through December 12 – a unique chance to get major publicity for your book, product, business or cause:

Go here to apply to meet the media

The National Publicity Summit is a one-of-a-kind conference where you’ll personally meet more than 75 top journalists and producers in Zoom meetings.

You can directly pitch your story to them, one-on-one and face-to-face from the comfort and safety of your own home or office.

pam perry and steve harrison corporate sponsorship webinarIf you’re got a message to share, seriously consider taking part, because there’s no better opportunity to make personal connections with this many media, this easily.

Normally an in-person event, the Summit online is strictly limited to only 60 participants, which means you should act now if you’re interested in taking part.

Check out just some of the bookings participants at previous, in-person Summits have received:

* Meredith Iler got her charity featured on The Today Show.

* Mary Reilly was quoted in the New York Times.

* Gaby Cora became a regular on Fox News Channel.

* Connie Bennett got coverage in Time magazine.

* Ron & Lisa Beres also appeared on The Today Show. So did Linda Franklin as well as Dave Farrow.

* Mark Amtower and Rory Cohen each landed a full-page story in Entrepreneur (and Rory also scored The View!).

* Steve Shapiro was the subject of a big story in O, the Oprah Magazine after meeting the writer at my Summit.

* Lauri Loewenberg appeared on both ABC’s The View and Good Morning America.

* Jim Vonmier got on the CBS Evening News and Early Show as a result of the training and contacts we gave him.

* Barry Spilchuk was interviewed on Fox News Channel within just five hours of meeting the producer at the Summit!

* Harrison Forbes got booked on national TV but also landed a major book deal.

Again, if you’re interested in taking part, go here now:

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Here’s a training I did with my good friend, LaShanda on Sunday.

We discussed my Ready, Set, Go Speak System…which is a membership club for Black Speakers… 

We also talked about why it’s important to have a coach that cares and is from your community. 

If you Missed the Black Media Summit with Pam Perry & NABJ: go here

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