Episode 115: How to Get Started in the Streaming Era: An Interview with CF Jackson

Discover the inspiring journey of CF Jackson, an expert on Roku and other streaming platforms, on the Get Out There & Get Known podcast! CF Jackson discusses how to use streaming platforms to expand your brand, validate your expertise, and increase sales. She also shares her own story of how she woke up with a title and "Synopsis" for a novel and used that to find her purpose. Hear how CF Jackson found joy in the process and went on to create her own publishing company and learn the power of PR. Writing the book is the easy part marketing is the real challenge, CF Jackson takes us on the journey from calling into radio station to finally discovering a place among the streaming platforms.

Don't miss this fascinating episode of Get Out There & Get Known and learn how to be your own media company!

Don't be timid that whatever you have, wherever your expertise is, start with where you are. Don't look at what other people are doing, but start where you are and just take a step by step by step and just get in front of the camera and loud.” – CF Jackson

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Pop Quiz : What is Roku [00:02:04]
  • Discovering IDefine TV [00:02:22]
  • How I meet the founder: Meeting CF Jackson [00:03:12]
  • The Challenge: What is actually challenging about writing a book [00:05:43]
  • Power of PR [00:09:49]
  • Get out there: Getting on IDefine [00:14:49]
  • Bring things together [00:20:46]
  • Content that fits IDefine TV [00:23:00]
  • Action Step: Don’t be late [00:27:26]


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