Episode 142: Esther Dillard – Empowering Voices From Autism Advocacy to Embracing Natural Hair

Join us in this enlightening conversation with an award-winning author who recently clinched a Gracie Award for her impactful radio news series "Black, Autistic and Safe," which also inspired her latest book, "Raising an Autistic Young Adult."

In this deep-dive interview, we explore how the series influenced her writing and the key messages she hopes parents will receive about safety, education, and employment for autistic young adults.

We'll also delve into her personal and transformative journey detailed in her other recent book, "Embracing my Black Natural Hair: A Guide from a Former TV Reporter Who Went Natural." Discover the surprising findings from her extensive research on Eurocentric beauty standards and how her personal revelations are empowering others to embrace their true selves.

Additionally, the author shares the challenges faced while writing two significant books back-to-back and the profound lessons learned through these experiences.
More info on Esther Dillard: https://eurweb.com/2024/esther-dillard-receives-2024-prestigious-gracie-award/

pam perry

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