Episode 145: LIVE Media Makeover: The “Hot” Seat Edition

LIVE Media Makeover: The “Hot” Seat Edition with Pam Perry, Lenzy Ruffin & Special Guest Nathaniel Turner!

Join us for a powerhouse session on this week’s “Get Out There and Get Known” podcast, LIVE with me, Pam Perry, the dynamic Lenzy Ruffin, and our esteemed guest, Nathaniel Turner. He is renowned Human Propulsion Engineer, TEDx speaker, prolific author, and a college and career readiness strategist.

In this special “Hot” Seat edition, we’re diving deep into the art of positioning yourself for media success and business growth. Experience firsthand how we sharpen your message and refine your brand strategy to ensure you’re not just ready, but thriving in the media spotlight.

Broadcasting live with our vibrant Ready Set Go Speak community, this is more than just a podcast—it’s a live transformation clinic for your PR and branding needs. Expect to walk away with clear strategies, actionable insights, and the insider tips you need to make your brand irresistible to both media and markets.

Are you prepared to elevate your presence and amplify your impact? Grab your notepad, tune in, and watch as we make PR magic happen, turning potential into prominence with laughter and learning along the way.

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💖 Don’t miss this chance to glow and grow with us LIVE! Your media makeover awaits! 💖

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