Episode 146: Gerald McBride – Radio Icon – Now Movie Producer & FilmMaker

Gerald McBride is a radio icon celebrating over 30 years in the broadcasting business. Like so many fans, Gerald went to the old school. McBride is a homegrown Detroiter born under the influence of the Miracles, Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. All the Motown greats are his friends, as are the other legends that endure to this day, the Dramatics, Chaka and Anita Baker.

So, now he's into making movies - with music of course, it's called THE RHYTHM! It's about a team of Black hockey players - and this was a 17 year in the making from idea to production.

A true walk of faith - and so in this interview hear how his media friends are supporting and helping this God-ordained assignment. Read more: https://entertainmentpost.com/rising-from-the-rink-the-journey-of-black-ice-the-rhythm/

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