Episode 148: Sharing Practical Solutions for Today’s Diverse Workplace

In this episode of the Get Out There and Get Known Podcast, Pam Perry 🎙️ interviews Kelly McDonald, a Nationally Recognized Expert on Leadership, Marketing & Sales, and Consumer Trends. Kelly is also the author of the new book "How to Work with and Lead People Not Like You." 📚

Kelly shares insights into the importance of diversity in business and how embracing diversity can lead to better customer service and business growth. She emphasizes the need to move away from diversity for diversity's sake and instead embrace diversity as a powerful tool for success. Kelly provides practical examples and advice on how to navigate diversity in the workplace, including tips on communication and building trust among team members.

She also discusses the concept of the "salad bowl" model of diversity, highlighting the value of maintaining individual cultural identities while also finding common ground. Kelly stresses the importance of fostering understanding and respect for different perspectives in order to create a more inclusive work environment.

Pam and Kelly explore various aspects of diversity, leadership, and effective communication, providing valuable insights for listeners looking to enhance their skills in working with people from diverse backgrounds. Tune in to gain practical strategies for building stronger, more inclusive teams and driving business success in today's diverse workforce. 🌟

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