Episode 151: Black Entrepreneur Magazine

Welcome to Black Entrepreneur Magazine's HOT SEAT LIVE show/podcast!

Since 2002, Black Entrepreneur Magazine has been a hub for Black entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and decision-makers. Our mission is to provide increased recognition, education, and support to Black entrepreneurs across America, Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean.

We spotlight the valuable contributions Black individuals make through their businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, while addressing the barriers and challenges they face. Despite making up 12.4% of the U.S. population and 3.5% of Canada's population, systemic racism limits opportunities for Black communities in education, employment, and justice.

At Black Entrepreneur Magazine, we aim to tackle these challenges and advance the Black community. Our platform is a voice for Black entrepreneurs, offering resources, support, and a stage to showcase their achievements.

Join our community and learn how to navigate media and leverage it for your success! Special guests Lenzy Ruffin and Gary Gunter will share their insights. Dr. Pam Perry, our guide and host of the LIVE show/podcast "Get Out There and Get Known!" will lead the discussion.

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