Fact or Fiction: Buying Black as an Economic Empowerment Strategy ✊🏾


Let’s talk about #BlackLivesMatter: Put your money where your mouth is – that’s what Maggie Anderson did and has done for more than a decade.  I ran across Maggie’s phenomenal TedTalk and became a fan.  She could have coined the term “Stay Woke.” Her philosophy about buying black is what we all should do to move our community forward. I love her!

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Margarita (Maggie) Anderson and her family made history and dominated headlines as national media covered their year-long stand living exclusively off Black businesses, professionals, and products for an entire year.  This first-ever real-life case study in self-help economics was called The Empowerment Experiment (EE). Their experiment resulted in a landmark study conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business which proved with the data from the Anderson’s journey how incremental support of Black businesses can rescue the Black community and improve the American economy as a whole. She wrote a book: Our Black Year.

I had the honor to interview Maggie on #BlackOutDay2020 on the Speakers Magazine Show and we discussed her mission and how corporate social responsibility and Black consciousness among ourselves will fix the ills of our society regarding race and economics.

Watch our interview here:

The Black hair care industry was created by Black woman entrepreneurs, like Madam CJ Walker, during segregated times.  The products, businesses, salespersons, manufacturing and distribution facilities, media, advertisers and banks all generated our first Black woman millionaires and an essential and inimitable source of wealth, pride, entrepreneurial opportunity, jobs, business acumen; funded the Civil Rights movement; and enabled the growth of so many other Black businesses.

L’oreal and Revlon saw what African Americans had built, these lucrative Black hair care companies, and THEY ALSO SAW how swiftly Black people would leave them for White owned companies that offered ethnic alternatives. Then, they put Diahann Carroll in a commercial, and other beautiful Black faces and Kente cloth on the boxes.

By 2000, L’oreal owned all the largest Black hair care companies. Couple years ago, Unilever put the nail in the coffin when it bought Sundial/ Nubian brands, that’s all the Shea Moisture products. All these brands and companies are no longer Black owned. All those jobs, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, storefronts, plants, dreams, all those hundreds of billions and billions in Black intergenerational wealth and entrepreneurship, and all that communal pride and power are gone.

Gwen jimmere

Gwen Jimmere: Naturalicious (Detroiter) 🙂

 Black hair is a booming and thriving industry! And that’s why there are always successful beauty supply stores in Black areas. Over 90% of these stores, and the supply chains that keep them in business, are no longer Black owned. It does not have to be this way!

Take Maggie’s Black Hair Care and Beauty Supply Store Challenge to bring these industries, businesses and empowerment back to the Black community!

Maggie’s Empowerment Lifestyle Tip #1  

Seek and Support Black Made Hair Care and Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores!


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Maggie Anderson

www.OurBlackYear.com and get the book

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