Episode 96: Find Success through Strategic Networking with Michelle Ngome, Founder of the African-American Marketing Association

If you want to attract a lot more clients without spending a lot more money, then you’re going to love my chat with Michelle Ngome — fractional diversity marketing consultant, networking strategist, author, and founder of the African-American Marketing Association.

You’ll hear about which social media platform has brought Michelle more business than she can track (It isn’t Instagram, and no, it ain’t TikTok, either), along with what she thinks about using Search Engine Optimization to find new clients (which is all about working SEO so your perfect clients will find you).

So listen in to learn: how you can build your professional network and online community in only 10 minutes a day; how Michelle’s direct mail campaign went viral in the digital world; and where first impressions come from these days, as well as the growing awareness of Black people as a viable market, how things go wrong when we’re not at the table where decisions are being made, and more!

"Just because you’re in transition doesn’t mean you can’t help anyone. There’s someone that’s younger than you, whether in age or experience, that will need your help, too.” – Michelle Ngome

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • When you should start networking (Hint: yesterday!)
  • Why LinkedIn is worth 10 minutes a day
  • What an influencer really is and does
  • True Story: Can’t find it? Build it!
  • Where to look for Black marketing talent
  • Pro Tip! How to make direct mail marketing work in 2022
  • How to begin marketing your expertise (and how not to)
  • The best way to market online if you’re in a non-competitive niche
  • Don’t understand SEO? It’s this simple…
  • Why I’m delighted about the African-American Marketing Association
  • Where people get their first impression of you these days
  • Pro Tip! Customizing LinkedIn so you’ll shine online
  • Your safe space to learn more about marketing
  • My not-so-secret tactic for networking in this digital age…


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