Five Subject-Matter Experts Selected for The Branding Accelerator as the 2022 Cohort That Focuses on Health, Healing and Wellness 

Branding Accelerator 2022 Cohort Announcement

Speakers Magazine publisher and public relations master coach, Dr. Pam Perry, announced today the five holistic health and wellness experts who will work side-by-side with her within a special cohort in The Branding Accelerator Program.

The Accelerator, now in its fourth year, is a premier platform building and media-focused 12-week accelerated program for speakers, thought leaders and subject matter experts. 

“My goal as a publisher and publicist is to uncover and reveal the best and the brightest gems and train them to shine their light via media opportunities. This cohort is holistic because they deal with the spirit, soul and body to make communities healthy and whole. These trained experts are mission-focused on healing which is especially important since the pandemic and heightened racial injustices we’ve experienced over the last two years,” said Perry, the creator of the program.

This cohort consists of a sociologist whose goal is to unearth racial healing, a Ph.D. in nutrition and Chinese Herbalism, a medical doctor, a mental health professional who is an advocate for victims of sexual abuse and a certified fitness coach. “All are speakers and authors who have big stories with a bigger mission to make an impact on more people. They are ready to package, promote and present their message to the masses. I’m excited to work side-by-side with them over the next three months to give them the tools and training. The goal is to take them from being unfamiliar by most to becoming a legend in their field. When you have a polished brand, you can command media attention – and share your gift with more people,” said Perry.

dr pam perry A series of four-week live webinars led by Dr. Pam Perry delivered micro-teaching on the Branding Blueprint to introduce the Accelerator. Hundreds showed up to the webinars, and dozens applied but only five were selected.

The cohort will participate in an action-oriented program where Perry and guest experts will teach subjects ranging from partnerships, podcasting, publishing, messaging, social media, automation, video production, visual branding and how to get media attention directly from producers who book TV guests and editors who assign stories. Real-time media pitching will take place weekly and on Clubhouse in the 2,000-member Speaker and PR Branding Club. 


“Once I help them create media-ready brand assets like press kits and SEO blog posts, then they’ll learn how to pitch media weekly – the cohort will be seen everywhere and be invited to speak on platforms as a result,” said Perry.

Perry’s parent company, Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. founded in 2000, has always used communication strategies to accelerate messages that promote positivity, motivation and encouragement in communities, especially to urban communities.

“I was overwhelmingly impressed by all of the applications for this cohort of Branding Accelerators. But collectively, this group fits together the best and those who are passionate about truly healing and the health in their communities,” said Perry.

The members of the 2022 cohort of the Branding Accelerator Program are:

  • Dr. Akmal T. Muwwakkil, Ph.D, Bowie, MD
  • Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D., Beverly Hills, CA
  • Dr. Rita S. Fierro, Ph.D, Philadelphia, PA
  • Dr. Ketra Davenport-King, Dallas, TX
  • Coach Angelia Johnson, Detroit, MI

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Collectively, the five members of the cohort are speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, podcasters, trainers, coaches and nonprofit leaders, but all subject-matter experts in their industries.

Each member will be encouraged to host their own signature event; and in doing so, will be in SPEAKERS MAGAZINE, on the podcast and on the TV show. “The magazine is a way that further positions each member of the cohort as an impact player and leader. In the past, we’ve had great speakers, like Les Brown, Arian Simone, Dr. Stacie NC Grant, Dr. George Fraser, Ed Gordon, Dr. Ben Chavis, Kim Coles, on the cover and attended their conferences as media partners,” said Perry.  “Our cohort members will be given the same opportunity and more.”

Next year’s program will be in the spring and the notification list is already open. Those interested in The Branding Accelerator Program can visit:

🗣 Congrats to the 2022 Branding Accelerator Cohort!❤️dr pam perry

Join the wait list – (next year we’ll open back up)… join us on Clubhouse until then.