From Media Coverage to Branding: Top 10 PR Questions I Get Asked

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I’m about to dish out some serious PR wisdom. With over 30 years in the PR game, I’ve seen and heard it all. People come to me with burning questions because they know I’ve got the answers. The landscape might have evolved with digital media and social platforms, but the core principles of effective PR and branding remain the same.

Ever wonder what burning questions come my way daily? Well, wonder no more. Here are the top 10 questions I get asked all the time, complete with my practical advice and examples of some of my clients.

1. How can I get featured in major media outlets like CNN or Forbes?

pam perry magic pr wandAh, the million-dollar question! Getting featured in the big leagues isn’t about waving a magic wand. It’s about crafting a story that’s as compelling as the latest season of your favorite binge-worthy show. Know your unique selling points, tailor your pitch, and build solid relationships with media pros.

Take Arian Simone, for instance, a former client of mine. She was featured on CNN with Abby Phillips to discuss the recent decision with the “Fearless Fund.” Her story resonated because it was timely, relevant, and tied to a significant event affecting many people. She didn’t just have a great story; she had the right story for the right time. That’s the magic combination you need!

2. What are the most effective strategies for building a strong personal brand?

Think of your brand as your very own superhero cape. It needs to be authentic, eye-catching, and consistent. Show up, show out, and be unapologetically you. Leverage your strengths, maintain a unified message, and engage with your audience like you’re the main act at a sold-out concert.

Consider Dexter B. Jenkins, who has built a strong brand in real estate wealth creation. By consistently sharing valuable content, engaging with his audience, and showcasing his expertise, he has positioned himself as a thought leader in his industry and has been heard on SiriusXM radio. His recent event was a testament to his strong personal brand which got him featured on FOX2 News.

3. How do I create a press release that stands out?

A killer press release is like a great first date – it needs to be intriguing, concise, and leave them wanting more. Nail that headline, hook them with a strong lead, and make sure your content is newsworthy. Throw in some quotes and multimedia elements, and you’re golden.

Michelle McKinney Hammond recently had a standout press release that got she was featured on SiriusXM radio, EURweb and USAwire. Her release included captivating quotes, relevant statistics, and highlighted her expertise in relationship and life coaching. It was a perfect blend of information and engagement, which caught the media’s attention. She was also featured in Speakers Magazine.

4. What role does social media play in PR and digital publicity?

Social media is your megaphone in the digital age. Use it wisely to amplify your message, build relationships, and engage with your audience. Think of it as your 24/7 PR assistant – always on, always ready to boost your visibility and credibility.

Look at how I helped Dr. Shila Patel drive traffic to her website and promote her books by placing her article in the Women’s Journal . By leveraging social media platforms listed in the article, she engaged with her audience on a personal level, shared valuable content, and increased her online visibility significantly.

5. How can I effectively pitch my story to journalists?

Journalists aren’t interested in your life story (unless you’re secretly Batman). Do your homework, personalize your pitch, and make it clear why your story matters. Follow up without being a pest and always be ready with additional info.

When I pitched Yolanda M. Smith, The Brandthrupist®, to various media outlets, I focused on her unique approach to personal branding and her impact on entrepreneurs. The tailored pitches highlighted her expertise and relevance, resulting in several media features including a TV interview on My Carolina, a local CBS show.

6. What are the common mistakes to avoid in PR and digital publicity?

Oh, where do I start? Don’t wing it without a strategy, neglect media relationships, or send generic messages. Measure your efforts and adjust accordingly. Basically, don’t be that person who shows up to a potluck with a half-eaten bag of chips.

Take Constance Brooks, for example. Her strategic PR plan was featured in Business Sharks Magazine in an article titled “The Scenting Success of Constance Brooks: The Story of Cozie Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets.” She engaged consistently with media professionals, tailored her messages to specific audiences, and measured her PR efforts to refine her strategy. The results speak volumes.

7. How do I measure the success of my PR efforts?

Success isn’t just about getting your name out there – it’s about meaningful engagement. Track media coverage, audience interaction, website traffic, social media reach, and lead generation. Use these metrics to fine-tune your strategy and keep those wins rolling in.

Cheron Reed is a perfect example. After being featured in numerous news articles, she landed an appearance on NBC4 Washington. This media coverage significantly boosted her visibility, ultimately leading to her winning a major contract with a professional sports team. By tracking these metrics, she was able to refine her strategy and achieve even greater success.


8. What are some effective ways to leverage partnerships and collaborations in PR?

Two heads (or brands) are better than one! Partner with those who share your values and audience. Joint events, co-authored content, and cross-promotions can skyrocket your reach and credibility. It’s like a PR buddy system – safer and more fun!

Dr. Portia Lockett leveraged partnerships by collaborating with organizations that support families affected by gun violence. These collaborations helped amplify her message and provided valuable resources to those in need, showcasing the power of strategic partnerships. Now, she’s a regular guest on Fox2 News and writes a regular column in the Michigan Chronicle, demonstrating the impact of her strategic PR efforts.

9. How can I stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in PR and digital publicity?

Stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to industry publications, attending webinars, and networking with fellow pros. Keep learning and adapting – because in the world of PR, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

My clients stay informed by participating in my Ready, Set, Go, Speak membership where they learn the latest PR trends and best practices. This continuous learning keeps them at the forefront of the industry. To join, go here. 

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10. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to boost their visibility and credibility?

Entrepreneurs, listen up! Share your expertise through content marketing, speaking engagements, and media appearances. Build a strong online presence and engage with your audience. Think of yourself as the star of your own reality show – minus the drama.

Rochele Marie Lawson, a multi-successful business owner, boosted her visibility by sharing her journey and expertise through podcasts, books, and speaking engagements. Her strong online presence and consistent engagement have made her a recognized authority in her field. She was recently featured in CEO Weekly! 

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