Episode 77: Get Noticed with Video with Tanya Smith, Content Marketing Strategist

Look, if you don’t want to do videos, I get it. A whole lot of people are held back by how they feel about their looks and their living space, and then there’s all the equipment to buy and figure out…

So, if you can get past your fears of being on camera, you’ll be one of few brave souls on social media with videos – which get noticed much more than plain ol’ words and photos that don’t do anything.

And if you listen in, you’ll hear what content marketing strategist Tanya Smith suggests for starter gear and equipment upgrades, along with: getting over your on-camera fears, your initial video setup (which doesn’t cost anything!), the problem with buying expensive video gear, why live video is worth doing, why we love/hate green screens, the 3 social media platforms that require approval for live video … and more!

"At some point, you have to realize that other people’s baggage is not yours.” – Tanya Smith

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The profitable pivots that brought Tanya Smith here
  • How to pick a single passion from your bouquet of gifts and talents
  • True Story! From unseen to live video queen
  • Have you been adding video when you send this…?
  • 3 reasons people are scared of being on camera
  • This also holds people back…
  • 2 things Tanya won’t tell you
  • Just starting with video? Here’s what you don’t need to buy!
  • 3 social media platforms that require approval for live video
  • How to shorten your learning curve
  • Pro Tip! Why we love and hate green screens
  • Tanya’s programs for new video creators and livestreamers
  • Why every business owner needs to consider video
  • What COVID taught us about video
  • Pro Tip! What NOT to wear on camera


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