Episode 110: Get Paid and Featured in Publications – Tips to Help You Promote Yourself

As a content creator, it's important to get paid and be featured in publications. By being featured in magazines, websites, and other media outlets, you are showcasing your authority and expertise. However, many creators are talented and broke.

In order to make a successful pitch and get the compensation and exposure you deserve; you need to have the right materials.

This podcast will help you understand what you need in order to make a successful pitch. Dr. Pam goes over some major keys as to why you could be making a lot of noise on social media and not getting paid to create content.

"People don't pay you for what you do – they pay you for what you know.” – Dr. Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Pop Quiz: What are authority Links [00:03:13]
  • Shift to digital PR [00:04:14]
  • How you get paid [00:06:22]
  • The One Thing: The tool to get if you don’t get it [00:08:36]
  • Walking Content Machines [00:10:00]
  • Watch Out: What to look for with “pay to play” [00:11:00]
  • Pop Quiz: What is "the wire" [00:13:00]
  • High Authority matters [00:14:30]
  • Writing for publications [00:15:57]
  • Outsourced worked from publications [00:16:41]
  • Pop Quiz: Name3 areas to optimize your visibility [00:18:50]
  • Don’t just use social media GET PUBLISHED [00:23:37]
  • Action Step: Go make a list [00:25:29]


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