Episode 103: Get Seen, Get Heard, and Get Known with Chris Howell, Award-Winning Journalist

If you’re looking for a feel-good success story, then you’ll love my talk with Chris Howell of Chris Howell Communications, aka The Golden Voice.

After looking at his résumé — entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, and organization founder, formerly a district manager of a multibillion-dollar company — you might be surprised to learn that Chris never finished high school, dropping out at 9th grade after getting married at 14, then becoming a father at 16.

Now that’s a compelling story!

And this episode is all about sharing your story by being featured on the news or authoring a book, hosting a podcast or being a guest, or through owning a business (or simply working in one) that reflects and supports your Christian values.

Listen in to hear about: the not-so-secret door to a speaking or singing career; 2 ways to distribute your book before investing in print versions; a massive untapped market for self-improvement and community programs; how your story will help others (and how to get it featured in the news); plus 1 good reason to start a podcast, 3 great reasons not to, and what you can do instead … and more!

"We all have a story. We all have something we’re passionate about. Even if we’re in business to make a profit, we’re also in business to bring about a change.” – Chris Howell

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story: From 16-year-old father to award-winning journalist & entrepreneur
  • The not-so-secret door to a speaking or singing career
  • Expecting layoffs? Here’s one of your options… #truestory
  • Top Optics: A large office in the suburbs or a small office downtown?🤔
  • Here’s an untapped market hungry for programs, books, and support…
  • Pro Tip: 2 things to do before publishing your book in print
  • These stories will get you on the news — and also the stories that won’t
  • Where to share your story, because everything doesn’t belong everywhere
  • What the well-told story of your struggle will do for others
  • Pro Tip: No time to start or run a podcast? Here’s your top-notch alternative!
  • The only good reason to start your own podcast
  • How (and why!) to do your book tour from your home office or living room
  • The #1 reason podcasts are better than live appearances
  • 2 things you must have before getting out there to get known


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