[Guest Post] Seven Tips To Marketing Your Authentic Self by Karen Taylor Bass

Karen Taylor Bass
A professional speaker is one who connects with their audience, while sharing their skills and showcasing their authenticity and expertise on a subject matter.


Although it may sound lucrative, a career as a professional speaker will require work, time, money, and possibly a booking agent.


“One becomes a professional expert speaker when they create content with out- standing platform skills (connecting with the audience),” says Norma Hollis, a professional speaker strategist and CEO of Norma Thompson Hollis Inc.


To be a successful speaker, Hollis adds you should offer the following: know and be comfortable with your authentic voice and always deliver good and memorable content.


Becoming an expert speaker is a strategic opportunity to leverage/enhance your brand. Each time you connect with your audience, which will ultimately elevate business persona and provide free advertising via impressions to a wider audience. “It provides one with more exposure, additional revenue, and an opportunity to showcase their magic by taking a boring topic and transforming it into one of extreme engagement,” says Hollis.


Expert status as a speaker does not happen overnight. Hollis’ company offers authentic development training services/workshops for speakers; message development coaching; and marketing services to assist clients with securing paid bookings for their respective topic/passion. She also runs a speakers agency that books professional speakers.


Keep in mind that a legitimate speakers agency will charge an upfront fee for their services. Most agencies will ask you to pay a monthly retainer and an agreed commission for confirmed speaking engagements.


If you are interested in becoming a professional speaker then take the time to create, develop, and grow your brand. The best way to test the market with your message and style is to join local organizations such as Toastmasters International and the Chamber of Commerce. Practice your message at the meetings while receiving valuable feedback/critiques from experts.


• Know your message.
• Tap into your experience, expertise, and passion.
• Know and bey our authentic self at all times.
• Listen to your inner voice.
• Be clear on your values.
• Know and use your experience to motivate others.

About Karen Taylor Bass (incidentally my BFF): PR Expert and Certified Yoga Instructor Karen Taylor Bass Shares Her Journey to Healing and Her Global Wellness Brand

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