Episode 101: Helping Women Write Their Way to Riches with Tam R. Luc

It amazes me how we choose the hard road to success instead of leaning on our natural talents, hard-won skills, and God-given gifts that are easy for us. Add inspiration, confidence, and support, and you have all you need to realize your dreams.

In this week’s talk with bestselling author Tam R. Luc of DelucsLife Media, you’ll hear all about that, and also what happens when we stop trying to please others and copying what other people are doing and start taking steps toward the unique role that’s waiting for us — and the payoff that’s waiting for us, too.

You’ll hear about: The event that changed everything for Tam (and made her feel like she could do anything), the everyday ways you flex your marketing skills without realizing it, a simple way to discover your best business idea, the problem with the 9-to-5 schedule and who benefits when women abandon it, the fastest growing American population that’s the least represented by the media (and it’s not Black folks or Latinx) … and more!

"A lot of women are leaving their jobs and trying to figure this out. Sometimes it takes just being inspired and seeing other women do it” – Tam R. Luc

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • This one thing changed everything (and made Tam feel she could do anything)
  • What you’ll learn from writing your book
  • True Story: It can be hard to do what’s easy
  • A business built from a blend of skills, talents, and experiences
  • The problem with the 9-to-5 schedule — and who benefits when women drop it
  • Are you a recovering corporate wallflower?
  • 2 simple steps for starting a successful business
  • A booming business born from a pandemic pivot
  • Think you’re not a salesperson? Think again!
  • Pro Practice: Collecting new clients through events
  • How publishing a book gets you out there to get known
  • Pro Tip: Don’t sleep on the Asian-American market
  • One idea manifested in many ways: book series, events, social apps, podcast
  • New Tool: Tired of Zoom? Try Airmeet!


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