Episode 109: How a Small, Local News Publication Has Been Successful Against All Odds

If you're looking for a news publication that is both informative and entertaining, then you should definitely check out Chicago's Weekly.

The publication has a commitment to telling stories that are not only interesting but also important to the black community. Much of their success due to the black journalist that work in the community writing the stories.

We sit with Danielle Sanders editor at Chicago Weekly a textbook case of a successful black journalist who has used her platform to promote her community and to tell stories that inspire and educate her readers.

"Listening is a huge part of being a great journalist” – Danielle Sanders

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story: Danielle writing path [00:07:55]
  • Fun Fact: Chicago Weekly is a black owned publication [00:07:55]
  • Send the right pitch and don’t be lazy [00:08:36]
  • The stories Chicago Weekly write about [00:08:36]
  • Pop Quiz: Is it too late to start your passion [00:27:31]
  • Listening is part of the story [00:31:50]
  • Making the right pitch [00:35:18]
  • Your passion is not a job it’s a service [00:35:18]


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