Episode 60: How Christians Should Market and Brand Themselves with Shae Bynes

Are you hiding your Christian faith from your clients, customers, and colleagues? Well, you don’t have to hide your faith to be in business … and you don’t have to preach it, either. There’s a wide path through the middle with space for it all.

That’s a true story, by the way, and the proof is in this episode! Shae Bynes, author of Grace Over Grind and founder of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur movement joins me to talk about how to plan, operate, and market your business through God.

Along with a stack of life-changing Christian business books that have inspired us, we talk about: kingdom-driven marketing versus ego-driven marketing, why you shouldn’t believe your own hype, the problem with bait-and-switch methods, the secret to being consistent with social media marketing, the Inspire-Teach-Mentor model, your divine assignment, growing your business in a grace-full way, ‘recycled’ Christians … and more!

Be okay with being consistent and faithful in a handful of things versus feeling like you need to spread yourself too thin to do all the things.” – Shae Bynes

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • The key difference with kingdom-driven work
  • What Shae means by “grace over grind”
  • Receiving ideas in partnership with God
  • How a movement starts (hint: with partnered prayer and a ____)
  • True Story! A sharp career pivot through divine timing
  • Why comparing yourself to others doesn’t work
  • Where brand misalignment comes from
  • The problem with bait-and-switch methods
  • Now, about those “recycled” Christians🤣
  • True Story! Where her light comes from (hint: it ain’t superfoods)
  • Do you know your divine assignment?
  • Kingdom Drive Entrepreneur’s Inspire-Teach-Mentor model
  • True Story! You don’t have to hide your faith to go into business
  • How should Christians brand and market their business?
  • How to grow your business in a grace-full way


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